Bicycle Safety and Bike Swag

Many of our recent posts have focused on marketing and swag ideas for health and wellness (see here) and safety in the workplace (here) and wanted to continue the topic of health and safety- with a spin on the bike.
Many cities, communities and corporations encourage biking over driving- it cuts down on traffic, promotes a healthy activity and is also fun.  College campuses are full of students- and even factulty and staff- that turn to bikes for a quicker means of getting around campus.  Not to mention bike races, fund raisers and all the sponsorship opportunities involved in those.
Bug-Eyez lights are a versatile bike item that can wrap around handlebars, seatposts, fingers, backpacks and more.  The also work great for runners and walkers.   Reflective items for helmet, bike spokes, under saddle, or tires are perfect for bike race swag bags, community events or festival giveaways.
bug eyez bike light bike swag            tirelites bike tire reflectors bike swag
Check out other bike lights here and reflector items here to fit every budget and bike friendly event.
Custom bike seat covers and  bicycle helmet covers are perfet maketing items to get your message across to college student and commuters. These make great items for safety programs or to promote health and wellness.  Both of these items also make great giveaways for bike rides, races and fundraising events.  We can custom print the helmet covers with each teams name and colors for fundraisers to make it easier to identify fellow team members.
custom bike seat cover bike swag              bicycle helmet cover custom bike swag
Whether you are wanting to encourage more employees to be eco friendly and ride their bicycle to work (or to run errands), to promote health and wellness, or help those that ride be safe,  there are many items that we can put your logo or message on to help you achieve those goals for adults and children. Bicycle Bells, bicycle tire patch kit (below), saddle bag (underseat bag).  We also have items that don’t involve a bike directly, but can tie in to help get your message across such as this bicycle helmet stress reliever or smarphone/wallet holder, bicycle safety coloring book (below) .
custom bicycle tire patch kit bike swag        bicycle safety coloring book bike swag
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we can put together some custom ideas to fit your needs and your budget.      866-247-4320

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