The Perfect Swag? A Really Nice Pen.

Writing Instruments are the #1 selling swag item in the world, believe it or not. Nearly every company buys imprinted pens at one time or another, and they’re one of the few items that absolutely everyone uses on a daily basis.

I recently asked a friend in upper management at Fox Sports about all the swag and business gifts he receives on his travels around the world. Specifically, I asked what’s the best business gift for a guy at his level that has pretty much everything he wants. His answer, without hesitation: A Really Nice Pen. His reasons included the fact that he can always use them, they’re easy to travel with and he loves good pens but never buys them for himself.

I like nice pens too, and this particular one caught my eye. Maybe it’s the bright colors, the shiny chrome or the unique bamboo-influenced styling. This pen is classy, unique and will stand out in a crowd. I’d like to think it has good fung shui too!

This isn’t a “giveaway” pen so much as “gift” pen, and if you think about it a case can be made that it’s eco-friendly swag. Unlike a cheap giveaway pen, this one isn’t going to be tossed when the ink runs out. It’s nice enough to buy refill cartridges for so you can use it for years!

What sort of businesses would this pen make sense for?
-Import/Export Companies
-Spas, Salons & Cosmetic Surgery Centers
-Interior Designers
-LEED-certified “green” architects & builders
-Flooring companies with bamboo products
-Florists & Event Planners
-Travel Agents

If you’re interested in more information on this pen, you can check it out on our website:

Just go to the “Collections” tab & see the section of products featured on our blog.

There’s also a search area where you’ll find hundreds of other really nice pens, all of which you can buy through us (or your local promo person).

Thanks for reading my blog & keep coming back for new and very unique SWAG IDEAS!