Marketing Ideas for Oral Health and Dental Care

Many of our recent blog posts have related to health, wellness and safety- such as the one on swag for the medical field here or the one on Health & Wellness Expo ideas here.  Because oral health plays such a huge role in overall health, marketing and giveaways promoting good oral hygiene are not only fitting for Dentists, Periodontists, Orthodontist and Dental Colleges and others in the dental industry, but for the general medical field.
Some of our favorite items for home or travel:
       fun dental floss cool swag      toothpaste dispenser toothpaste tube squeezer dental swag  
Antimicrobial toothbrush cover      Make flossing fun- floss dispenser      No toothpaste goes to waste
 Selecting some cool tooth shaped swag is a way to deliver your message with useful items that are fun to keep around and use, such as the ones below. 
tooth shaped jar opener dental swag    tooth shaped swag hot cold pack    tooth brushing timer 2 minute timer dental swag
Tooth shaped jar opener                            Hot/Cold gel bead pack                            2 Minute Brushing Sand Timer
Other popular items include tooth shaped magnets, toothbrushes and toothbrush kits, and fun items for kids like dental care coloring books.
Let us put together some ideas for you to help promote dental hygiene and get your message across.     866-247-4320

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