Increasing Patient Retention & Referrals for Dental Offices

Increasing patient retention as well as increasing referrals are crucial to all types of dental practices.

New Patient gift bags are a thoughtful way to welcome new patients to your dental office and make them feel appreciated. The gift needs will vary widely from a Pediatric Dentistry office to an Oral Surgeon, but we can help you find the perfect items for all your patient gifting needs.

Picture Frame magnets go perfectly in gift bags for Pediatric or Orthodontic Dental Offices.

Pediatric Dentist Offices look at gifts that appeal both to the patient and to the parents/caregivers. Fun items that change color, such as these color changing bottles have a “cool factor” for kids and are useful for the adults as well. Encourage proper brushing with these two or three minute brushing timers. Show off that beautiful smile with these picture frame magnets that Mom and Dad are sure to proudly display at home or the office. Fidget poppers are great not only for new patient gifts, but for little patients to use while in the chair to help ease their anxiety. Other fun swag toys such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or puzzle cubes help a young patient be more excited about their visit as well. Package it all up in a cute drawstring swag bag (available in a wide variety of designs) that is perfect to also hold all paperwork and follow up care instructions.

Family and General Practice Dentist Offices benefit from items that appeal to a wider range of patients. Whether you are looking for patient gift bag fillers or items to hand out at a community event, there are a variety of items to fill your needs. A good quality lip balm is always a favorite such as this Bee Balm lip balm version of the retail brand of a similar name. These antibacterial tooth brush covers are one of my favorite items for travel and the toothpaste squeezee is a functional item the whole family can use. Stadium cups are a great addition to a patient gift bag or you can add a lid and use them as the vessel to hold other items. Can coolers are another multi-functional item as they work just as well in a patient gift bag as they do for hand outs at events because they are lightweight and easy to carry around. For the actual patient gift bag, you can opt for a traditional shopping bag look or go for a reusable tote bag to keep your name out there.

Specialized Dental Practices such as Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons or Periodontics may also have needs for referral gifts or items to leave as reminders for referrals. Choosing quality products is imperative to reflect the quality work that you do. Post-it notes are always a great leave behind for other offices as they hang around and get used frequently. Candy jars, such as this acrylic apothecary jar, can be filled with candy before it is dropped off and it also gives you a great excuse to follow up again with the office to “fill it up”. Power banks are a popular referral gift as they are always useful and appreciated. Micro fiber cleaning cloths are a great option for gift bags, referral gifts for an entire office or as handouts at community events, especially if it is a high quality cloth such as this one. Nicer coffee tumblers are also an excellent choice, such as this vacuum insulated tumbler. Choose gift bag with a higher end look, such as this bag with macrame handles.

We are here to help you find the perfect items to fill your Patient Gift Bag, so give us a call or email us and we will put together ideas based on your specific needs and budget. 866-247-4320

Creative Virtual Event Swag Bags

Let’s face it, we’ve all had some super boring virtual meetings/classes/webinars over the last few months. But I’ve also had some really great ones. Ones where I was excited before the session even started and where the follow up afterwards was terrific and kept me engaged.

What made the difference? Swag. And not just because this is my job. You would think that I woudn’t get all excited about it, but everyone appreciates a little extra effort being shown to them. And honestly, after receiving this fantastic tumbler with my name on it, how could I not be excited about the upcoming presentation? And now that they had sent me this very special tumbler, I couldn’t just blow off the meeting. Nope. Not only did this make me feel appreciated, it also got me excited about the event, ensured that I would attend AND that I would pay attention.

Another way to use the personalization option is to print the tumblers with just the event logo for attendees, then add names to the mug for your speakers, presenters, sponsors or company team members to make the gift and event even more memorable for them. You don’t have to add personalization to the entire order, just those that you need to really stand out.

The engraved logo and personalization really pop on this tumbler, but we can print a full color logo as well. Best of all- the lid on this tumbler is leak proof (believe me, I’ve tried it!) Click on the tumbler picture to see other similar styles we offer.

We can step it up a notch and take that personalized coffee mug and insert it into a nice gift box for a simple, but nice, virtual event gift that can be shipped directly to attendees. Time it so the mug arrives just before the event date and attendees will have a new tumbler to use during the event for both hot and cold beverages. Or, we can ship to arrive just after the event as a thank you for attending. Both have their advantages. Depending on what message you want to send- or buzz you want to create- we can help coordinate the delivery to achieve your goal.

A nice gift box creates an event gift with a higher perceived value. Let us drop ship directly to attendees or to your event speakers, presenters or sponsors as thank you gifts.

When your regular yearly conference or trade show goes virtual, you still want to create the same excitement and anticipation that the in-person event has. While we do have some pre-curated giveaway ideas, the vast majority of the swag bags we do are custom created. We base our suggestions & ideas on the client’s needs, budget, theme, timeline, number of expected attendees, sponsor needs, if additional materials need to be included (such as print or product samples), whether the items need to arrive before the event or as a post-event “thank you”. There are so many factors that we consider when helping you with your giveaway and swag ideas for virtual events. Tying your swag into social media hashtags, encourage pictures to be posted with the logo items or to use items during the event helps create excitement and bring more awareness to your event.

The swag bag that attendees get every year may look a little different, but it should still appeal to everyone- and more importantly than ever, the items should be useful. Maybe you don’t need traditional lanyards this year for name badges, but how about lanyards with a key ring attachment or a mini version of your traditional lanyard like this key ring lanyard or even a very functional (and timely) mask lanyard. Hand sanitizer is another hot item to include as an virtual event giveaway. We have FDA approved manufacturers that have stock now. Stock availablity does vary so contact us for the most up to date options. Keep in mind that any swag bags with sanitizer will need to ship ground and we cannot ship hand sanitizer overseas. If you are sending your swag packages out to arrive before your virtual conference food gifts (so attendees have a snack during the event) such as trail mix or life savers or items they can fidget with, like this foam putty or a fun shaped stress toy that fits your theme or industry, help keep their attention and focus. Post-it notes, web cam covers and microfiber cloths are ideal to include. These items are small and lightweight, making them easy to ship and whether attendees are working from the office or home, they are useful giveaway items. Small items like these can be combined to make up a swag bag or to fill in with larger giveaway items.

It is important to offer the sponsors of your virtual conference additional opportunities to get in front of attendees as well. Items that allow you to imprint not only the event logo, but to add the sponsor logos as well will give them added ROI. Items with a larger imprint area or multiple imprint locations give you the ability to feature one or multiple sponsors on giveaway items in your swag bags. Larger microfiber cloths with a full color imprint or ones that are multi functional such as this cleaning cloth/mousepad offer unlimited imprint options. The larger imprint area on tote bags may be able to accommodate multiple logos on one side or offer a second side imprint area for sponsor logos. We can take a look at all logos you need to include and help you find the right bag that will work best. We can add a full color tip-in page in a variety of notebooks such as this notebook. This allows you to feature the event logo on the front cover and either all the sponsors on the tip in page or other information such as a schedule of sessions available. Sponsors frequently want to include items with just their logo. We can help coordinate that so there are not duplicate items in your event giveaway bag and ensure that sponsors are able to convey their message to recipients.

Curated kits are an easy and often faster & less expensive option for your virtual event giveaways.

If you want to keep it super simple, we have several ideas that are in kits and ready for your logo to be added and shipped out. We can help you find the perfect kit for attendees or for speaker gifts. These coaster sets are nicely packaged and the box can be printed full color. This trade show kit includes a variety of items that are imprinted with your logo. Boxed kits such as this notebook and powerbank set ship out well and have a low minumum order. This thoughful tech kit (pictured above) includes an imprint on all items. Check out some more event in a box options here or contact us so we can help find the perfect one to meet your needs.

Let’s talk about your virtual conference or event and what needs you have. Once we have a better idea of your needs, expectations and goals we can help you come up with the perfect virtual swag bag. Call or email us today to get started.