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Election Swag

Elections and promotional swag just naturally go together.  Political campaigns have used promotional items to increase a candidates visibility so far back that you often find buttons and other memorabillia in antique stores and vintage shops.  They become collectors items that last long after the election is over- win or lose.

While some items have faded in popularity (think match books) other items have stood the test of time- often with a modern twist.  Bumper stickers, magnets and buttons are some of the most popular campaign giveaway items. They are easy to hand out at rallys, hang on doors, and give away at events along a campaign trail.  No election would be complete without yard signs.  And supporters and campaigners are easier to recognize when dressed in hats or shirts showing support for their candidate.

At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we will work to help you find the right promotional materials for your campaign. Check out the selection below and call or email for even more ideas.

campaign material political button election swag

Yes, we can do buttons– big or small.  Need something extra? We can also add your button to a bi-fold card.  These make great leave behinds when canvasing a neighborhood.  Your message can be printed on the inside and outside with the button attached to the card.  Perfect for your supporters and also a great way to present your message to voters that want more information. As low as .49 each.    You can also order that same bi-fold card without anything inside- then add in a button, magnet, sticker- whatever is most appropriate.

America Flag car magnet election campaign political,

Items with the American Flag preprinted or worked into the design are popular campaign swag materials such as the car magnet above.  We also have many other items available with a patriotic theme you can add your message to such as these stress toys.  Call or email us for more swag ideas.

election sign yard sign election swag

Election yard signs come in all shapes, sizes and material.  We have them all: cardboard, plastic, corrugated plastic, corplast.  We also have large banners for hanging on fences, buildings or other areas where you need to get your election message out.

Hand fans are perfect giveaways for parades, festivals and fairs.

We also have a wide variety of Made in the USA items or we can find items made in your state to show support of your local economy and workforce.

Contact us for all your campaign material needs- we have you covered from the day your campaign begins all the way through election day.       866-247-4320

hs cobra VR Viewer

Virtual Reality Glasses as a Marketing Tool

Being on the cutting edge of “what’s new” is every marketers dream.  And those dreams can become a (virtual) reality with new cool swag- Virtual Reality Glasses (aka Virtual Reality Viewers).

The viewers allow the recipient to insert their smart phone into the goggles and, using any of the hundreds of virtual reality apps or 3D apps available for download, watch 360 degree videos and play games.  We have several 3D Viewer options you can add your logo to, including options compatible with google cardboard.

While these are a natural fit to get your marketing message out to Millennials, college students or high school students, you can reach other demographics just as well.  It seems everyone has a smartphone- put it to work for your brand!

These are a few of the options currently available. Contact us to get the latest information and let us help you put Virtual Reality to work for you.

VR viewer, Virtual reality glasses

Cobra VR (TM) Viewer




Coming soon.  Contact us for more information and pricing.





Call or email today for more information on how you can turn Virtual Reality Viewers into cool swag with your logo.    866-247-4320







Top 5 Reasons People Keep the Swag You Give Them

You are spending good money out of your marketing budget for these wonderful items emblazoned with your logo. Of course you want the best ROI possible. Let’s examine the top reasons people will keep the swag you give them.

  • It is Relevant.  Think about your target audience.  Are you a mortgage company? A nice pen in a gift box would make a great presentation at closing- they get to sign their mortgage and keep the pen.  Introducing a new app?  Mobile wallets get the message out there and remind people to use your app.    Before you start looking at products, really think about who you are giving this swag to and how it is going to be used.  Select products that are relevant to your recipients, the event or your products and services.   If you set your heart and budget on a product that just doesn’t seem to fit- don’t despair.  Find a slogan or tagline to tie the two together.
  • It is Useful.  Companies that are trying to reach a broad range of consumers find that products that are useful and appeal to many demographics work well.  Items like notepads, chip clips or hand sanitizer are items that people just don’t throw away.  Earbud cord wraps and lip balm are popular with career fairs or college fairs.  Think about items you keep and use yourself.  Avoid items that require an explanation on how to use them if possible.  If you are using these giveaways for one event, make them useful for that event, such as sunglasses or hand fans  for an outdoor summer festival.
  • It is Cool Swag. We actually think all our swag is cool, but finding an item you and your clients think is cool is our job.   And this is where our job gets really fun.  Let us get creative- think about custom shaped stress balls or USB drives, turning your mascot into a custom shaped mouse pad or virtual reality goggles.
  • An Item They Need.  This ties in closely with being useful, however when you give people something they actually need you are not only getting your message out but also creating goodwill at the same time.  This is where giving out tote bags at a tradeshow comes into play.  First aid kits, flashlights, small screwdrivers are general items.  Are you trying to target new parents or young families- go for outlet safety plugs.  New homeowners or apartment tenants will appreciate pizza cutters, spatulas, or cutting boards.  Flash drives preloaded with your catalog or price sheet.  The possibilities are really endless and we are here to help you narrow down the choices and come up with something fantastic you will be proud to put your logo on.
  • Good Quality  I see it all too often, a client just wants “something” to give away.  They usually mention a cheap pen.  Do you write with cheap pens?  I don’t. If they don’t write or they skip they go straight to the trash.  So yes, you only spent $100, but $98.50 is going straight to the trash can. Go for the best your budget will allow (whatever swag you choose).  Buy fewer items and get a better quality. Go for the mobile chargers that are UL certified. Make sure items going to children are CPSIA compliant. Your brand and your message are being represented, make the best impression you can.

When clients ask us to research ideas for them (which we love to do) we always start with a list of questions before we even think about products.  The more information you can give us, the better we can target items that will work best to get your message out, represent your brand and achieve your goals. Give us a challenge– we work with these products every day and can get really creative in what we do for you.

Call or email us to get started on Swag that will make you stand out.        866-247-4320


To Yeti or Not to Yeti

Yeti® has become the most recent “got to have it” brand to hit the retail market.  From coolers to the Rambler series of drinkware, the brand is known to keep things cold.  Unfortunately (as of this post) they have not made their products readily available in the promotional products world.  However, with that being said, we feel that it is just around the corner as the demand grows. So if you are reading this post and the options below just won’t work, contact us to see what the lastest news is on putting your logo on a Yeti®.  As of right now we can engrave on the tumblers.  It is a very expensive option- but if you’ve just gotta have it, let us know and we can price it for you.

While we totally understand the brand allegiance and know that Yeti® makes some really awesome coolers and tumblers, we also know that having available and affordable options with similar features makes your marketing budget happier.

With a stainless steel exterior & interior and copper lining the new tumblers hitting the promotional products industry have been a hit with everyone.   More options are arriving daily so contact us via email, by phone or with the chat feature on our website to learn about the newest yeti type tumblers and coolers we have available.

This is one of the office favorites.  We tested this tumbler by filling it with ice and sitting it on the counter.  24 hours later it was still mostly ice.  48 hours later it was still half full of ice.  The next field test was filling it up with coffee.  While I will admit I’m a wimp and can’t handle anything that burns my tongue, this kept my coffee too hot.  It was over an hour before I could drink it- and that was after taking the lid off so it could cool.

Yeti Rambler, yeti knockoff, copper lining, stainless steel tumbler

20 oz. double wall vacuum stainless steel tumbler with copper lining / press-in lid / keeps liquid hot for over four hours / keeps liquid cold for over eight hours.  32 oz. coming soon.

Contact us today for more information on the newest Yeti® type products available.