Promoting Carry Out and Delivery During Shut Downs

So many small businesses are scrambling right now to figure out what to do amid the shutdowns during COVID-19. Many restaurants and bars that have relied on full dining rooms are now offering carry out and delivery services to stay afloat. We put together a few ideas at really great prices and 24 hour production here give you ideas on how to promote the carry out and delivery options that your restaurant or bar is offering during the shut down.

One of our favorite affordable option that will last and continue to advertise for you well beyond the coronavirus pandemic is magnets. The one we feature in the special is a business card size magnet and we suggest adding a QR code that will drive people directly to your online menu or daily specials on your website. Is your restaurant or bar is still lucky enough to be open, start handing them out to customers immediately. If you are already shut down, send your employees out to drop them off on porches with paper menus or coupons. Take them to office buildings that are still working, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, etc. Drop one in every take out bag or delivery you make. They will be a constant reminder that you offer carry out or delivery.

Identify your delivery vehicle for the safety of your drivers and your customers with these door magnets. 30 mil magnets are affordable options for short term use.

Tri fold menus offer a single use option without having to clean menus and can also be attached to delivery bags or dropped off at office, apartment or other buildings to promote your delivery or carry out services.

Promote carry out or delivery services that your restaurant or bar is offering during the shut down.
Paper menus offer several advantages- they don’t require wiping down, can be attached to carry out bags or containers and can be handed out as needed.

If you are offering delivery, insulated cooler bags help keep food hot or cold and advertise your services. Low minimum, 24 hour production and a special price of $3.14* each (*through 4/15/20 with code 2020, 1 color imprint) on this insulated delivery bag will help keep food at the right temperature and advertise your restaurant’s delivery at the same time. Let us know if you need larger or smaller options as well. Smaller options would also work well for prepared “meals to go”.

Provided insulated cooler totes to all your delivery people to not only help keep food at the right temperature, but to also advertise your delivery service during the shut down.

A fun idea to include in bags are puzzle books everyone can enjoy while they are spending time in their homes. We can add a QR code to the imprint on these to drive people to the menu on your website or one of your social media pages. If you are a family style restaurant coloring books or paint pages would be a welcome treat in each delivery. And these items will still be useful after business gets back to normal.

Reusable Cutlery sets are an eco friendly alternative to plastic utensils. Deliveries to offices, warehouses or other customers with multiple people will appreciate having their own set of utensils. With rush production and a special price of .92 each (through 4/15 with 1 color imprint) we can have these in your hands quickly.

Reusable stadium cups, paper, plastic or foam disposable cups with your logo are also available. Not all of these are available in a rush so please let us know if you need them quickly and we will help you find the best option.

Call or email today for help promoting your restaurant or bar during this time 866-247-4320

Work From Home Kits For Employees

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the push to flatten the curve to reduce the spread of the virus many companies and businesses are implementing work from home policies for employees and staff. Making this transition as easy possible while maintaining a connection is important.

Work from home kits are a great way to provide employees with tools they need to be productive, yet also still feel like they are part of a team and still connected to the company and their colleagues.

Not everyone already has a home office set up. Selecting items that will make working remotely or from home an easy transition for everyone is the first step. Notebooks and pens are a logical first step. These fun desk in a box kits come prefilled with a variety of useful items that most people don’t have lying around at home. Mouse pads that serve a dual purpose, such as notepad or wireless qi charger, along with a wireless mouse and multi port usb hub could round the kit. Bluetooth speakers that can be used for conference calls (or to help drown out household noise) or bluetooth earbuds and headphones help cut down on distractions and make communicating with team members or clients easier. As they may be spending more time in front of a computer, blue blocker glasses will help relieve eye strain.

This Bluetooth speaker features a built in microphone for hands free calling, perfect for conference calls, webinars or zoom meetings.

Functional items are important, but so is a little fun and creativity to help lighten the mood. How about a fun hat or shirt imprinted with “this is my work from home uniform”? Stress balls and squeeze toys, travel mugs (we can help you personalize those with each individuals name, making it easier to keep up with when they return to work), pedometers to encourage everyone to get outside or to make sure they are getting some exercise each day or something aromatherapy inspired to help ease this stressful situation.

Once you have all your items selected, let’s look at how to package and deliver everything.

Packing all items into a bag is a practical way to deliver the gifts. If employees don’t have a dedicated office space, this offers them a solution to move everything from the kitchen table or living room in the evening to keep all their work safe and in one place. Then when they “commute” back to work in the morning everything is right there in the bag. We can even personalize bags with their name so when they do return to the office they know which bag is theirs. Personalization is available on select bags such as the duffel bag below. Let us know if you would like to see other bags that are available with individual names.

Personalizing the bag with an individual’s name makes this a long lasting and useful item even after they return to the office. This option is available on several of our bag styles.

Another option is printed boxes that can be mailed or shipped directly to each employee. Depending on the items selected, we can insert foam into the box to securely hold items or use other packaging as needed. Already have some swag in your office you would like to include? We can do that as well.

We can kit your items and drop ship directly to each employee so you don’t have to distribute them or have employees come back to the office to pick them up.

Let us help you put together a Remote Work kit that will fit your needs and those of your employees or staff. Call or email today to get started.

Need to get items out quick? Tell us what the most important items are that your employees need help set up their remote office and we find a pre-made kit to help fill those needs.