Perfect Promo Shirts For Women

A t-shirt is the most basic and powerful clothing item a women can own. There’s something intrinsically satisfying about a blank canvas that pulls together an outfit with such simplicity. A good tee, when you find it, is the epitome of the “no-makeup” makeup look.

For decades, women have had to scour men’s closets to find a quality tee thanks to the “shrink it and pink it” marketing era. So, when it comes to t-shirts what exactly are women looking for?  

After some personal research, chats with fashion-savvy friends and deep diving through the internet, we narrowed it down to 4 main characteristics:

  • Stylish but Wearable
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Versatile
  • Flattering Fit

Next Level believes they’ve hit the mark on all these characteristics with their Festival Collection of shirts, which features five fashionable styles offered in 11 different muted & earthy colors (perfect for those vintage casual looks).

These tees and tanks give off a free-spirited vibe providing an extra fashion edge. The lightweight nature (3.5 ounces) make these pieces great for layering, while the poly-cotton blend is perfect for vintage sublimation designs. The fabric is perfect for creating a vintage look design with your logo or as a background for a design that really pops.

Let’s take a closer look at why everyone will fall in love with each of these styles and will be wearing your brand and marketing message everywhere.

The Perfect Women’s Fashion Tees and Tanks

The Festival Scoopneck Tee

Featured in ‘Royal Pine’

Why your customers will love it: As the color suggests, the Festival Scoopneck Tee is the holy grail of t-shirts. Not only is it soft and breathable, the exaggerated tail drop allows the front to be subtly tucked in without all the added fabric.

In addition to being soft, this tee is durable—so you don’t have to worry about the fabric giving up after a few washes. The sleeve length is longer than average, yet extremely flattering, stopping just a couple inches shy of the elbow. Also, the scoop neck is placed perfectly to show off a bit of collar bone. Flaunt the style with a long necklace and cardigan to work or pair with boho pants and a belt for a trendy festival look.

Add your logo in a tag print on the back center for a subtle imprint, or with a print along the hem or down the side to create visual appeal.

The Festival Muscle Tank

Featured in ‘Smoked Paprika’

Why your customers will love it: This is not your high school cut-off tee. The Festival Muscle Tank is fashion-forward without being skin-tight and uncomfortable. The cut stops at a nice length: not too far down the side, but just enough to show off a cute bralette or bando.

This tank is a year-round staple thanks to its lightweight construction. It can easily be worn to the gym or layered underneath a cute jean jacket or cardigan. The updated look-and-feel combined with the solid range of color options makes this a style you should definitely stock up on.

This is the perfect garment for a vintage inspired imprint of your logo.

The Festival Tank

Featured in ‘Antique Gold’

Why your customers will love it: The Festival Tank is “sexy, classy, cool” at its finest. It takes an elevated approach to the average tank, with a scoop neckline and side-seamed split near the bottom.

The garment flows nicely, and is a flattering shape with a curved hem. To give the look a little personality, this tank can be ordered a size up and easily tied into a front knot. Pair the Festival Tank with a jean skirt and Converse for your weekend adventures or a blazer and pants to work.

Make a fashion statement with this tank by adding some glitter or rhinestones to your imprint.

The Festival Sleeveless V

Featured in ‘Shiraz’

Why your customers will love it: The Festival Sleeveless V is the definition of “trendy but wearable”. When you put this on, it automatically exudes confidence. It’s soft in nature and extremely comfortable.

The v-neck sits at a great length, so you won’t find yourself having to constantly adjusting the shirt. The muted mauve tone, Shiraz, is all the rage right now. For a unique spin on a v-neck classic that’s soft, lightweight and comfortable, the Festival Sleeveless V is your gal.

Let us help you get creative with your imprint on any of these styles. Contact us today for free virtuls to see how your logo or branding will look with any of our imprint methods.


How Your Competition Can Make You Better

I spend my days helping clients come up with swag ideas to promote their business or brand. The vast majority of the time it is because they want their clients (or potential clients) to choose their business over the competition.  And honestly, that is what most business owners think about on a daily basis.  We all want to get ahead of the competition.

My industry is pretty competitive, but at the same time, we offer each other a lot of support.

When I started in this industry at 21, I was so naive. I thought I had to hate the competition and do everything I could to win over clients so they would buy from me instead of them.  As I had never met any of my competitors, it was easy to think of them in an abstract way.  But then I ran into my main competitor (40 years my senior) face to face and I was a little intimidated.  However, once I got to know him, my attitude about competitors changed.  I started looking at what I could learn from them instead of focusing on how I could beat them.

Here are some of my top lessons:

  1. Never talk bad about your competition.  It’s fine to point out your strengths, what you do differently or how your product is superior.  However, never bad mouth, tell lies or even insinuate things that are not true about your competition.  It may be tempting if your client says something negative to add to it, but just don’t. It doesn’t make you look good and just comes back to bite you.  If your competition is really doing something that is wrong, illegal or dangerous, report it to the appropriate authorities, don’t take it upon yourself to call them out to your clients.
  2. Your competitor is doing something right.  It might be big things, it might be little things. Swallow your pride and realize that you can learn from them.  Listen to your customers when they tell you why they order from them. Ask why they like their products, what is it about the buying process they like. Learn what your competition is doing right.  You have the choice to then improve the way you do things or get rid of some ineffective processes or products you have to improve the buying process for your clients.
  3. Meet your competitors.  I have always said in our industry that there is enough business to go around.  That’s just the attitude I have.  Have coffee with your competition, talk to them at industry events, take some time to get to know them.  This isn’t to say you have to make friends with them. I’ve met some competitors of mine that are just plain nasty and unethical.  But after meeting them and realizing this, I was less scared of them as competition. I knew with that attitude they would do themselves in. And they did.  But I also have a group that I meet up with on a regular basis when we are at trade shows, or I can email them when I need ideas or specific help with a project. They are wonderful, supportive and fun to be around.
  4. Figure out how you are different and promote that.  Don’t just say your customer service is better or that your product is superior.  The truth is, that in my industry I sell the exact same items as my competitor.  What sets me apart?  What do I do that is unique and better than my competitor that my clients will recognize and appreciate?  This is where recognizing what your competition is doing right comes in handy, because in that discovery process you probably also found out some things they do wrong.  Maybe those are the things you focus on doing right.  Can you guarantee on time delivery, do you send regular updates on the status of their order, do you answer calls at any time of the day, respond to emails within a couple of hours? Your industry is unique in what would be considered superior service or products, so figure that out and flaunt it.
  5. Do something that makes you stand out.  Something above and beyond.  Maybe it’s sending an article that relates to their business.  Maybe it’s sending cookies on their birthday, host a happy hour or golf outing or bring in ice cream sandwiches for the office on a hot summer day.  Be more and do more than your competitors.


Knowing your competition will make you better. It will teach you what you should and shouldn’t do as you learn from not only your mistakes, but theirs as well.  Competition is good as it keeps us on our toes and forces us to not become complacent.

What are some of the best lessons your competitors have taught you?


Goals & Bucket Lists- Making It All Happen

How do you achieve your goals or bucket lists?  Is it a vision board or a list you post where you can see it every day?  Or is it in your head?

We are well into the New Year at this point and if you are not working daily on achieving the goals you set for this year, let this be your reminder. Get to it.  No one else is going to do it for you.

Whether you are working off a goal for your business or a bucket list for your personal life, here are some suggestions to keep those goals top of mind and get them achieved.

  1. Write it down.  I’m as guilty of this as anyone. I keep lists in my head or haphazardly write them in various places.  Keep one list, separate it out into work and personal if you like, but keep everything in one place. Even if that list is on your phone.
  2. Review that list every day.  Every. Single. Day.  First thing in the morning seems to work for most people.  Mid day for some.  Still other find that reviewing the list as one of the last things they do at night gives them a sense of completion- you can review what you did that day to work toward each goal and think about what you need to do tomorrow to get even closer.
  3. Realize that goals or bucket lists may need to be adjusted as you go.  If you had a goal to lose 20 pounds and you are almost there, then maybe you adjust that to also start training for a 5K.   Analyze the goals every few months and see what adjustments need to be made.
  4. Visualize what will happen when you reach your goal- see yourself on the streets of Rome or driving that new car.  Visualize what you will be able to do when you reach your sales goal, or how you will feel when you get that new job or finally get up in a hot air balloon.  Seeing yourself reaching your goals helps make them more real, Sit down on a regular basis and see yourself there.
  5. Don’t give up.  Frustrations set in, you forget to look at your list for months, you got off track. That’s fine. It happens. Just get back on track and start working on it again. Don’t write off something just because it doesn’t feel attainable at the moment.  Take the next step, then the next one until it feels real again.

We have goals as a business then of course personal goals.  It is a struggle to keep on track all the time.  Sometimes I do great with the business goals and careen way off course on the personal ones.  But I give myself a pep talk and a swift kick in the butt and get back on track. You can too.




Promotions With Heart

Everyone loves a theme party, right?  The same thing goes for promotions and marketing.  Tying into a specific theme is a fun and effective way to get your marketing message across and, when done well, can help increase your brand and message recall with clients and prospects.  Themes allow you to be as serious or as playful as you would like with your campaigns – or maybe combine the two to reach an even larger audience.

February is a perfect time to add a different spin to your advertising and tie it to Heart Health Month, Valentine’s Day or a general Love theme.  On site promotions, in store giveaways and direct mail pieces can convey a message of “We Love Our Clients” or “Keep Your Heart Healthy” and any message in between.

Heart Frame magnets are inexpensive swag ideas for on-pack promotions, direct mail or event giveaways.  Double your marketing with an imprint on both the frame and the punch our heart center.  A heart magnet is another choice for a cost effective promotional product. We can also attach the magnet to such items as packs or jars of treats, such as these cat treats.

heart magnet picture frame pf11

Scented Wonder Beads therapy packs tie into the heart theme of February as well as give you the opportunity to “warm up” your clients.  The natural lavender scent will help relax them as the warmth soothes away aches.  For hot and cold therapy packs, check out this gel bead heart.

lavendar scented heat packs

Candy is a classic Valentine’s Promotion ideas and there are a lot of options you can add your logo to.  You can’t go wrong with either the heart shaped chocolate box or  box of chocolate hug & kisses.   Check out other heart candy ideas to fit all budgets or go with the heart shaped mint cards, such as this one:

heart mint card with logo

Even with the vast array of heart shaped swag ideas, you don’t have to go with a heart item, you can still tie in with the theme by using a tagline or graphics on your merch.  A simple “We ❤ Our Customers” never goes out of style.

We can help you keep consistency with your message no matter what promotional items you decide to use!  Just give us a call to get our creative team working for you.  We ❤ Swag.