New Swag We Love: Custom SiliPints and SiliShots

For those not yet familiar with the SiliPint brand of drinkware, they’re a totally unique line of 100% silicone pint glasses and shot glasses that are virtually indestructible.

SiliPints can be used with hot or cold beverages equally well. You can put in the freezer, oven, dishwasher or microwave… you can even run over them with your car – no problem!

In terms of a custom-branded, useful item with a LONG product life, these are sort of like the holy grail of drinkware swag for your logo. They’ll never break or wear out, so people who receive them will keep them for years! Plus they’re fantastic to take along camping, boating, etc. Here’s a link with over 2 dozen different ways to use this unique customized silicone drinkware:

The Original Silipint Glass

The next best thing to an indestructible drinking glass is, of course, an equally indestructible shotglass, the SiliShot. To my knowledge it’s the ONLY shotglass that can be used equally well as a golf tee:

Originally developed by a company in Bend, Oregon the SiliPint and SiliShot are now available CUSTOM LOGO PRINTED from Swag Connection!

Custom SiliPints – Item #MKUMJ-IIDWD

I’ll be the first to admit the Pint Glasses are a little on the spendy side; these are not your typical giveaway-priced stadium cups. The custom-logo SiliPint glasses require a minimum order of 72 pieces & are priced in the $7-$9 range. On the plus side, they have a HUGE imprintable area for a pint glass and they’ll last forever. The pints come in fun colors that coordinate well with most corporate logos.

The pint glasses would be a great internal company-branded item for use in breakrooms, as employee gifts, at company picnics or for safety programs. They’re also a really nice higher-end swag giveaway item for VIP goodie bags or for special promotions and events.

Custom SiliShots – Item #RKULF-IIDWJ

Our custom-logo SiliShots are lower priced than the pint glasses, but require a higher minimum order of 144 pieces. They’re priced in the $3-$4.50 range, and they’re great for events because they’re small, lightweight and unbreakable. Unlike the pint glasses, the SiliShots only come in this frosted color (at least for now).

Both models are manufactured offshore & custom printed for Swag Connection in the USA. They’re made from 100% food-grade silicone that is FDA approved, BPA-free and non-toxic.


Swag Connection is here to help! You can check them out on our website via the links above, or just cut to the chase and contact us directly by phone or email. We can provide quotes, answer questions or provide samples for a nominal charge, if needed.

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