Helping Cut Obesity in the Workplace

All this month we have been focusing on all aspects of health and wellness, including ideas for Nurses week here as well as ideas to promote workplace safety here.  Oh, and we didn’t leave our furry friends out either- check out lots of pet swag ideas here.  With all the attention we have been dedicating to health and wellness, this article that popped up in my newsfeed today from Incentive Magazine made it all the more relevant.  In the article, they site a study featured in the American Journal of Public Health that states workplace wellness programs cuts obesity by 9 percent.
The companies studied revamped their cafeteria offerings, rewarded employees for making better food choices and encouraged group fitness activities.  Read the article here.
Implementing and encouraging changes in your workplace may take some time (and initial grumblings from empoyees) but a healthier workforce is better for everyone.
Even if you don’t have a cafeteria, offering healthier options in the vending machines or encouraging employees to pack their own meals and snacks can have a huge impact.
     neoprene cooler built NY workplace wellness             snack container workplace wellness           bento mug workplace wellness pack your lunch
Easy to clean neoprene cooler               Snack container              mug with compartments
In addition to healthier eating habits, getting employees moving will not only improve their physical health, but physical activity has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health and a better outlook on life.  Having a  box of frisbees beside the breakroom door or providing employees with pedometers so they can measure the distance they walk during breaks will encourage them to get moving.
foam football workplace wellness swag            custom yoga mat workplace wellness         custom food and fitness journal workplace wellness
   Large foam football                           Yoga Mats                         Food & Fitness Journal
Let us help you put together a program to encourage healthy habits, lifestyle changes and healthy employees in your workplace.          866-247-4320

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