Hey DOG – Nice Cap!

Promotional marketing is about cutting through the clutter and getting your message noticed. Believe me – your message is going to get REALLY noticed if you put it on a Pet Cap!

People love dogs, in fact studies show people actually notice and respond more to advertising messages where images of dogs and puppies are used. As a creative marketer you can tap into this love of dogs and create warm and positive brand associations with dog-themed swag items.

Don’t think you need to be in a pet-related business to use this idea – any company that uses logo decorated promo caps can also use Pet Caps. I suggest ordering a small quantity of Pet Caps in assorted sizes the next time your company orders caps for humans. In fact, I even have a great idea for a promotional campaign…

PHOTO CONTEST! A fun way to use the Pet Cap to promote your business is to sponsor a pet photo contest. The pet in the photo must be wearing your company Pet Cap, of course.

Retailers can have the photos brought to their location and posted on a wall, with a voting ballot box where customers can vote for their favorite. A similar thing could be done online to drive traffic to a website instead. Either way, offer a grand prize like free grooming services or a week of doggie daycare to encourage participation.

Employee Contests – Use the idea above for an internal Employee Pet Photo contest
Non-Profits – The Pet Cap is great for raising funds… and awareness!
Pet Related Businesses – Duh!

For your convenience we offer the items featured on our blog for sale on our website:


Just visit our “Collections” and you’ll find the section with items featured on our Blog. You’ll find information, pricing and you can request a quote or order online.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for new, interesting and unique swag ideas!

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