Swag Alert: Bisphenol A Scare Prompts Switch to Aluminum Bottles

Polycarbonate plastic water bottles are a popular swag item, or at least they were until recently. With recent widespread news coverage about chemical Bisphenol A, which is found in many types of plastic bottles, many of our clients are looking for alternatives to plastic.

Adding the Bisphenol A scare to the rising popularity of the Sigg brand decorated water bottles leads me to this conclusion: Aluminum water bottles are the next hot swag item.

That being said, this particular aluminum bottle caught my eye this morning. It’s different, with a flask-like shape that makes it stand out from the crowd. The matte black finish and flat shape make it a perfect canvas for a simple, bold logo statement. It’s strong, masculine, sporty and modern all at the same time.

This bottle has a 22oz capacity and is about 8.5″ tall an 3.75″ wide. The split ring and caribiner are included. It’s a new style for 2008 that isn’t widely available. It’s also very reasonably priced – between $4.79 – $5.99 depending on quantity (minimum is 96 bottles). The only color it comes in is Black.


You can order this water bottle with your custom logo from Swag Connection online. Simply go to www.swagconnection.com and visit our COLLECTIONS. There you’ll find ‘Items Featured on our Blog’ with information and pricing.

You can also SEARCH for aluminum water bottles on our site, if you’re interested in seeing what other styles are available.

One last quick tip from the Swag Queen – if you’re thinking about aluminum water bottles for your company swag, be prepared for longer timeframes than usual. Many suppliers were caught by surprise by the sudden demand for aluminum bottles and are scrambling to keep them in stock. Backorders are pretty common right now, so plan ahead and order early if you need them for an event.

THANKS FOR READING and feel free to contact me directly if you need a good company to work with for YOUR company swag: Diane@SwagConnection.com.

Want more information on Bisphenol A?

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