Colorful Carrier for iPhones & iPods

If your target customer or prospect is tech-savvy, this is a swag idea they can definitely use. The “Cozy Carrier” is a colorful and functional pouch that fits most models of PDAs, cellphones and MP3 players, including iPhones and larger iPods.

Made of neoprene material (like a scuba wetsuit), it’s great for busy people who need to keep their high-tech gizmos handy but protected from bumps & scratches. I like the choice of colors, and there’s a nice large imprint area. Look at the photo above and see how your logo really “pops” on this item when printed in white.

This is a great swag idea if you’re looking for frequent logo exposure at a giveaway price. People use their cellphones and PDAs several times each day on average. If it were seen twice a day and kept for a year, that’s over 700 impressions for less than $2.00! AND it’s the sort of item people are really happy to get – it’s a little out of the ordinary and also extremely useful.


We have this (and the other items featured on our blog) available for purchase on our website:

Just go to “Collections” and it’s in “Items Featured on our Blog”. At the time I’m writing this it’s on sale for $1.99/each (minimum 150), which is a great deal.

If you’re tired to searching the web and just want some help finding cool stuff for your logo, please feel free to call or email us. We’re happy to give you good suggestions and we work with companys of all sizes, all over the United States.

Toll Free: 1-866-247-4620

Thanks for reading & keep coming back often for new swag ideas!

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