Cloud Themed Swag Ideas

Five years ago I thought “being in the cloud” meant either flying in a plane or being in the wrong place after a chili cookoff.
Today ‘the cloud’ is the place to be if you’re a company that has anything to do with technology, and that’s a trend I don’t see going away anytime soon. As we get more and more requests from our customers for Cloud Themed swag items, I think it’s timely to share some of my favorites with you today!
These fun cloud-shaped luggage tags are a fun cloud themed swag giveaway idea for conferences and tradeshows. They make your luggage easy to identify and are priced at about $1/ea with a 150-piece minimum.
Savvy marketers know the desktop is a prime spot for swag items, and these cute cloud-themed stress toys are very likely to end up there. They’re specially designed to hold mobile devices or business cards, but work equally well for playing catch with your cubicle-neighbor on Friday afternoons. Priced in the $3 range with a low minimum order of 100 pieces, these are a great swag idea for any cloud-based company!
If you want to draw attention to your booth at a trade show, these LED lighted “Cloud” balls are the perfect swag idea. They have an opaque, cloud-like white surface with three motion-activated LED lights inside that glow green, red and blue when bounced. This fun item appeals to all ages and is priced between $2-$3 with a minimum order of 250 pieces.
Thanks for reading today – I hope I’ve given you some good ideas. If you are interested in these or any other custom-logo swag items for your company I would love to hear from you. Lots of our clients find us through my blog!
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