Cool Chrome Highlighter Set

Tired of the same old swag? Looking for swag ideas with a cool factor? Check out this hip little set of highlighters, they’re totally different from anything else I’ve seen.

I love highlighters in general because everyone uses them, but not a lot of companies give them away as swag. This item takes something that’s normally kind of utilitarian and practically turns it into a little work of art – I’d be thrilled to get this highlighter set as a gift or in a swag bag!

Perfect Swag for Creative Companies! This is a great image item for so many types of creative firms – ad agencies, web designers, graphic artists, architects, PR agencies or even companies in the film industry.

It would also be a great choice for law firms, title companies or other companies that deal in a lot of documents and fine print.

Priced between $4.49-$4.79 (100 minimum), this is a little bit nicer than just a tradeshow giveaway. I’d use it as a little all-purpose business gift for new clients, referral sources or as a leave-behind on sales calls. It’s also a great item for college bookstores or company stores.

INTERESTED IN THIS ITEM FOR YOUR BUSINESS? You can now buy the items I blog about on our website:

Just go to our “Collections” area and you’ll find it in the “Items Featured on our Blog” collection.

Thanks for reading my blog – and keep coming back for more cool swag ideas!

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