Creative Marketing for a New Year!

These aren’t a new item, but I love these Chalkboard Mugs and don’t think a lot of people have heard of them. It’s a really creative and interactive way to market your company and get people talking.

These basic 11oz coffee mugs are coated in a write on/erasable chalkboard finish giving them a nice black matte look. The best part of this promotion is your client can write and draw on them for personalization which almost guarantees they will keep it around and expose your logo daily.

In this industry we are always trying to find new items and different ways to get your logo in people’s lives as a constant reminder of your brand and I think this hits the nail on the head.

One place these mugs really shine is anywhere groups get together. Not only can people identify which cup of coffee belongs to them, but names written on each mug facilitate mingling and name recall in group settings. They make it easy to see other peoples’ names when sitting around a conference table and are much easier to read from several feet away than a nametag.

The other thing we like is the ability to have fun with messaging. An HR Department could make excellent use of these mugs – a ‘Welcome’ message could be written on one to welcome a new employee, while another could be filled with candies and presented with a ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Congratulations’ message to another. For the same price as a regular coffee mug, these Chalkboard mugs give you so much more room for creativity and personalization!

These mugs include a 1 color logo that can be imprinted on both sides up to a 2.75″ square size. Minimum order is 72 mugs and chalk can be included before the mugs are packaged. This item is less than $5 a piece and I really think they are worth every penny. It’s a new year and people want new ideas.

If you need a promotional products distributor like us to help you find and purchase this item or other creative items for your company’s branding let us know we are excited to help!

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