Bright Idea! XTreme LED Cap Light

Here’s a new swag item I came across today that I’ve never seen before – it’s called an Xtreme Cap Light. Has five super-bright LED lights that give amazing visability, and it clips to the visor of a baseball cap or hardhat. Ingenious!!

This is a must-have promo swag item for any marketer whose target audience is either outdoor enthusiasts or folks in the construction industry. It would also be a fantastic addition to any company’s safety program.

Use this item with an inexpensive cap as a STICKY PROMOTION. What is a sticky promotion, you ask? It’s when you send an inexpensive ‘teaser’ item, then require some sort of action from the recipient to get a higher-value item that goes with it.

For example, say you’re exhibiting at a tradeshow and want to encourage people to buy your product online after the show. You hand out some cool but inexpensive caps at the tradeshow that feature a hang-tag with a photo of the caplight on one side, and a promo code on the other. When the online order is placed, they enter the promo code to get a free caplight shipped with their order. This sort of promotional strategy is not only powerful, it’s also completely trackable and enables companys to compute the ROI on their tradeshow swag.

If you’re interested in seeing more information about the Xtreme Caplight, here’s a link to view this product on the ZipLine website:

If you can use this item to promote YOUR business, ZipLine only sells it through promotional products distributors like my company, Swag Connection. If we can be of help with this or any other promo swag items, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading & keep checking back to see what’s new in the wonderful world of swag!

Diane Nudelman

Swag Connection – Portland OR

Promotional Sales & Consulting

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