After a very long rainy season here in Portland, today is supposed to be sunny and about 90 degrees. Which got me thinking about Summer… outdoor concerts, boating, hiking, picnics and going to BBQ parties at friends houses. As the Swag Queen, I think it’s time to think about some cool swag items for the hot weather. And what, I ask you, can be cooler than, well… a cooler?

I’ve got an eye for style, and there aren’t too many promo swag coolers out there that really twirl my skirt. This one, however, caught my eye. It might be the simple but chic European styling, or the fact that it’s that perfect size: bigger than a lunch sack, but not a big clunky thing either (Dimensions are about 11.5″ x 10.5″). I love the outide pocket and big adjustable shoulder strap. Even though it comes in Black or Red as well, I personally think the Silver rocks.

By itself it’s a nice gift item for under $15. Would be a great addition to a company store, safety program or sales contest, as well as a nice ‘thank you’ gift or incentive item.

With a little imagination, you could do a whole lot more. Deliver them with an invitation inside for your Summer event. Put a nice golf shirt and a few goodies inside for a great tee prize. Fill with a bottle of wine and some gourmet treats to make a great gift basket. Hotels could put a beach towel and sun items inside and use them as a guest incentive for summer promotions.

The nice thing is, the minimum order quantity on this item is just 25 pieces, so they’re great for small events where you want to make a big impression.


We offer the items on my blog for sale on our website:

Just click “collections” to find the items featured on our blog. If you need a good person in the swag biz to work with, I invite you to contact me personally. I work with busy people from companies all over the US who need good swag ideas and value personal service.

Thanks for reading! Keep checking back for more cool summer swag ideas!!

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