Minty-Fresh, Earth-Friendly and Under $1…

Breath mints are a popular swag item, especially as ‘giveaway’ items at events, conferences and trade shows. Unfortunately, the packaging used for most mints isn’t very earth-friendly. The most inexpensive ones come in a plastic ‘credit card’ container that typically gets thrown away after the mints are gone.

That’s one of the reasons I really love AdMints. They come in a cute reclosable box that’s completely biodegradable and earth friendly. An added bonus is the ability to print all five sides of the box with your own custom full-color graphics. You can even add a “scratch off” area for extra-creative promotional marketing! Best of all, the price point on AdMints is the lowest in the industry – prices start at $.83/each plus setup charges (minimum order is 500 boxes).

My favorite filling is the sugar-free mints (spearmint or peppermint). There are between 20-25 mints per box. You can also order them filled with red hots, M&M type chocolates or Chiclet-style gum.

This is a great, basic, multipurpose swag item that can be used effectively by a wide variety of businesses. Give them away at events, leave them behind on sales calls or at networking events. You can even put a big dish of them out at the front desk or in the conference room.

Hotels could put them on pillows. Restaurants could put a box on the tray along with the check. Retailers could drop them into a client’s shopping bag as a nice little ‘bonus’ surprise. Small, useful, thoughtful, inexpensive, huge visual impact and less than a dollar. Oh, and earth friendly too! I ask you, what’s not to like??

If you like AdMints as a swag idea for your business (or non-profit), you can order them online through my company, Swag Connection:

Just go to “Collections” to find the items featured on our blog… you can also browse our EcoSwag collection or search for swag by keywords.

If you’d like more information about this item, or just a good person to work with for your company’s swag needs, feel free to contact me. I hear from people all over the US who find me through this blog, and many of them have become clients!

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more eco-friendly swag ideas.

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