Fun Phone Mints!

Call me silly, but I get just as excited about the swag I order to promote MY OWN business as I do the stuff my clients order.

Case in point – today my new ‘cell phone mint tins’ arrived, and they are COOL! Here’s a photo of what they look like, and the tin’s exactly the same shape and size as a cell phone. I like these because they’re fun, new & different – something not everyone has seen before. They’re full of ‘altoid type’ mints, which is one of the many fill options available.

What’s really fun is that I also ordered something to go with them – the ‘Sir Holdzalot’ desktop cellphone caddy from Quikey Manufacturing. There are many styles of these cellphone holders out there, but most of them are translucent frosted plastic. Mine are shiny, glossy opaque BLACK with a white ‘Got Swag?’ imprint on the front. Here’s a photo of what the holders look like in general (mine were shipped but haven’t arrived yet).

The idea is to present the two items together to showcase my creativity and drive home the idea that I’m the girl to call when you need SWAG. I’ll be handing these out at the East Portland Chamber of Commerce meeting I’m hosting on 5/3 (at Hollywood Wine & Espresso), and also at the OAME Trade Show at the Oregon Convention Center on 5/11.

Being in this business, I think my company’s swag just has to be a ‘cut above’ in terms of creativity. Sort of like a hair stylist ought to have a great hairdo… it just inspires confidence in what they can do for you. So that’s my latest self-promotional brainstorm, for what it’s worth. If you’d like to put my creative promotional brain to work on YOUR company’s projects, just e-mail me:

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