The ‘Sandvertiser’

This is one of those items where a photo really can’t do it justice – you have to see it and play with it yourself to appreciate how cool it is.

That being said, here’s a picture of it – it’s called the ‘Sandvertiser’ and it’s a totally unique promotional item I recently stumbled across. The thing is filled with colored sand, and in the middle there are two custom-cut plates that the sand falls through. A layer of sand stays on the solid parts of the plate so the logo or message that’s cut into the plate becomes visible.

They’re not what you’d call ‘cheap’, so this is one of those things that’s only going to make sense for folks with a serious promo budget – a minimum order of 250 will run about $2,900 with setup charges included… but they’re pretty reasonable once you’re into the 1,000+ quantities.

Especially cool – on orders of 500 or more, you can have the plastic band and the sand in whatever PMS color you want for no extra charge! They come from overseas (of course) so it’s about an 8 week production time for these puppies.

Bottom line: This is a super-cool, totally customizable item with incredible message impact that is virtually guaranteed to create BUZZ. Even though I’m very jaded when it comes to swag (having seen it all), I have to admit I could not put this thing down once I started playing with it.
I just ordered several samples of these for my showroom. If you have a serious interest in this item, let me know and I’ll send you a sample – and I guarantee you’ll love it!

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