5 Swag Ideas for Races and Marathons

I participated in a local 5K/10K run this last weekend. Don’t get excited- I wasn’t running. My job was manning one of the water stations along the 10K course.  I’m not gonna lie, the fact there was a free beverage for the runners and volunteers after might have been a motivating factor in me volunteering as it was being held at one of my favorite breweries.  But still, the dedication to training and running the participants displayed truly amazed me.

After months of training, runners take pride in completing races and marathons and love to show off their success and participation.  As a race planner, one of the more challenging tasks you face is planning (and filling) the race swag bag.  At Barefoot Swag, we work with a lot of non-profits, charities and other entities on their races and marathons.  We will add your race or marathon logo to promotional items or give you options that sponsors can use for the race day swag bags.

We put together our top 5 items to get you started in your planning:

  1. T-shirts.  Race T’s (or tanks) for runners and volunteers top the list of most popular items.  Using a great brand of T will ensure that the shirts are worn frequently, increasing the visibility of your cause as well as bringing more ROI to sponsors.

  2. Lip Balm.  Hands down one of my favorite promo items.  Bees wax or all natural lip balm is economical, light weight and offers a great imprint area on the label.  Available in a wide variety of flavors (or even custom flavors), custom lip balm is perfect for sponsors to add to race swag bags.

  3. First Aid Kits–  kits that contain items the runners may have left behind or might need such as bandaids, sunblock and muscle gel are handy and very much appreciated.   Don’t forget to arm the volunteers along the course with a few kits for runners in need.

  4. Cooling headbands- Cooling headbands are a must have for warm weather races.  They not only wick moisture and offer sun protection, but they can be wet before the race starts to help keep runners cool longer.

  5. Runners Belts (or fitness belts) are a sleek alternative to the fanny pack and allow runners to keep keys, cell phone and other necessities comfortably with them during the race as well as when they are training.

For additional ideas specific to your race or marathon that fit your needs and budget call or email us at Barefoot Swag.

Sales@barefootswag.com    866-247-4320



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