New Year, New Swag: 3 Hot Trends for 2014

It’s that time of year again when our suppliers roll out their brand new products for the year ahead.
I have to admit that even after a dozen years in the industry I’m still just like a little kid when the postman shows up with new catalogs – I can’t wait to see all the cool new items we’ll be able to offer our clients in 2014!
As far as the #1 Trend, I have 3 words for you: TECH ACCESSORIES GALORE.
This is a product category that’s been expanding, right along with the number of mobile devices people carry around. These days it’s pretty common for folks to travel with multiple mobile devices (phone, laptop, tablet) so useful gadgets that go along with those items are a natural branding opportunity for today’s savvy marketers.
Speakers, adaptors and chargers are the hot tickets for 2014. There are hundreds of new products in these three categories alone, including lots of ‘Power Bank’ type chargers, adaptors of every shape and size and portable speakers with great sound quality (some of which run on BlueTooth and include microphones for use as a speaker phone!)
Of course, we also have all the ‘other’ popular tech goodies too – earbuds, cord winders, device cases & covers, stylus pens, USB drives just to name a few favorites. No matter what your budget is we have tons of new, useful, high-quality tech item suggestions that will look great with your logo.
Another “clear” trend for 2014 is expanding use of clear plastic bags and packs for security reasons. These new clear tote bags are compliant with the new NFL Stadium Security requirements.
Given heightened security concerns at event venues and on school campuses, I think the demand for clear totes and backpacks will almost certainly increase over time. Swag Connection offers several styles of these new clear vinyl totes and backpacks with logo customization.
The third hot 2014 trend I want to touch on today is the continuing Mason Jar craze, which started last year and shows no signs of cooling off. I’m not sure if it’s the Duck Dynasty effect I mentioned in my Camo Swag post, but Mason Jar Cups are the fastest-growing category I’m seeing in our 2014 custom-logo drinkware collections.
One of my favorite new Mason Jar styles is the one with the handle above, which is dual-wall construction. It will keep drinks cold longer and the outside doesn’t get wet with condensation.
We also offer single-wall versions including the ‘Classic Mason’ on the far right with the traditional metal band. If you’re ready to hop on this trend we have all kinds of Mason Jar Drinkware, with lots of trim color options, and can help you find the perfect one for your logo & budget.
As always, Swag Connection is happy to help.
A lot of the new 2014 items are not even on our website yet, so the best way to get product suggestions and quotes this time of year is to contact us directly.
Don’t worry… we don’t bite and we definitely aren’t high pressure sales types. Lots of our loyal and happy clients contact us for the first time afterr finding us through my blog.
We will respond to you quickly with all the information you need to make a good swag decision with your marketing budget.
Toll Free: 866-247-4320  
HAPPY NEW YEAR and THANKS for reading my blog.
I wish you a happy and successful 2014!

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