Recycled Grocery Tote

Reusable bags the size & shape of a grocery bag are a HOT, HOT item right now. You see them for sale in almost every major grocery store and people feel good about using them.

I was very surprised when I went looking for ones that were made of RECYCLED material, however. Even the ones sold at Whole Foods (GreenBag) are made of non-recycled content. After some searching though, I found these EcoRite recycled grocery totes that we can offer with your custom logo decoration.

The material is made out of recycled pop bottles & they come in any color you want as long as it’s BLACK (shades of the Model T!). At least most logos look great against a black background.

These would be great for swag bags at conferences and marketing events, and the repeat logo exposure is HUGE since this is way more likely to be used on a regular basis than a regular old tote bag. Earth friendly AND great branding – what more could one possibly want?

This is just one bag in the EcoRite recycled collection. To see more details about this bag and check out the entire EcoRite line, here’s a link:

Interested in EcoRite recycled bags for YOUR business or organization? They’re sold only through promotional products distributors like my company, Swag Connection. If you don’t have a good promo person to work with, please consider working with us! You’ll find contact information on my blog profile.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back to see what’s new in the wild and wonderful world of SWAG!

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