Dispenser With Custom Paper Flags

If you’re in a paperwork-intensive business like banking, lending, real estate, insurance, accounting or law, your firm probably uses paper flags to prepare client documents for signature… so why not extend your branding by using flags that are customized with your logo?

They’re a subtle and professional way to reinforce your brand, and one more opportunity to keep your logo in front of your clients. The dispenser is imprinted with your logo and can be refilled (you can re-order just the rolls of custom flags without the dispenser, too).

This is an item that’s really designed to be used internally, as opposed to something you’d hand out to advertise your company. The ideal buyer of this item is a mid-to-large sized organization with multiple agents and/or branch offices. Banks, large insurance companies, car rental companies, tax prep chains and title companies all come to mind.

The price on this item is between $8-$9 depending on order quantity, which includes both the custom flags and the custom dispensers. The custom flags can be reordered for between $3-$4 per roll.

If you’re interested in seeing more details and pricing on this product, here’s a link to the Fields Manufacturing website you can check out: http://www.fieldsmfg.com/index.php?pg=ProductInfo&product_id=648 The Fields line in general is one of my favorites, so if you’re into browsing for promo items, theirs is a good one to check out.

How can you buy these for your company? If you already work with a promotional consultant, chances are they can source these for you if you ask. If you don’t have someone to work with, please consider working with me. Companies all over the U.S. rely on me to help them find cool stuff for their logos, so don’t be shy. Just call me (866-247-4320) or shoot me an e-mail: info@swagqueen.com. You can also check out www.swagqueen.com to learn more about my company and what we do. Thanks for reading & come back often!

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