Considering Virtual Reality for Your Marketing? Read This First.

At the gigantic 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in January, virtual reality was, once again, one of the hottest topics. VR technology, which immerses the user in a computer-generated simulation and projects highly visual imagery in full 3D, is clearly the next big technology wave – and it’s moving to the mainstream. A recent Bank of America/Merrill Lynch study estimates that there will be 250 million VR users by 2020.

It’s pretty likely that VR, like all major tech trends, will impact your employees and your customers. They’re probably already talking about it.  Now is a perfect time to explore how this emerging technology can be used to promote brands.

We currently have a wide variety of VR headsets, ranging from the basic Virtual Reality Glasses with 3D Lens Kit, to the higher-end Luxury Virtual Reality Headset. These are fun, user-friendly products that can be branded to help companies align themselves with a hot tech trend that’s all over the news.

Curious, but not quite sure how to apply it to your projects? Here are some ways that companies are using branded VR headsets to promote their message.

  • As a giveaway at sales meetings. The headsets are used to introduce the sales team to a new product’s features and functionality.
  • To entice prospective students. Schools can create virtual reality tours that enable students to “see” the campus without physically being there.
  • In the tourism and hospitality, hotels have used branded headsets to market their conference and event facilities with VR presentations.
  • At some hospitals, VR headsets are being given to prospective patients and their families to introduce them to services and treatment options.

Our branded VR headsets open up a world of new marketing opportunities. Let’s work together to see how VR can be used to get your message out there.

Click here to see our collection of VR headsets and check out the following videos for details on how they work:

Luxury Virtual Reality Headset

Mobile Virtual Reality Viewer

Foldable VR Headset

Virtual Reality Glasses with 3D lens kit

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Virtual Reality Glasses as a Marketing Tool

Being on the cutting edge of “what’s new” is every marketers dream.  And those dreams can become a (virtual) reality with new cool swag- Virtual Reality Glasses (aka Virtual Reality Viewers).

The viewers allow the recipient to insert their smart phone into the goggles and, using any of the hundreds of virtual reality apps or 3D apps available for download, watch 360 degree videos and play games.  We have several 3D Viewer options you can add your logo to, including options compatible with google cardboard.

While these are a natural fit to get your marketing message out to Millennials, college students or high school students, you can reach other demographics just as well.  It seems everyone has a smartphone- put it to work for your brand!

These are a few of the options currently available. Contact us to get the latest information and let us help you put Virtual Reality to work for you.

hs cobra VR Viewer
Cobra VR (TM) Viewer
VR viewer
Virtual Reality Headset
VR viewer, Virtual reality glasses
Cobra VR (TM) Viewer




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