A Brief Explanation of Vacuum Seal Technology and Why it’s Hot (or Cold).

Just looking at drinkware on a website makes is almost impossible to discern why one style is better than another, after all, they look almost identical. Here is a brief explanation of how vacuum seal technology works and why it helps keep your beverage at the correct temperature.

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46119_clear_styled_1cVacuum sealed tumblers like our Glacial Diamonds Tumbler and bubba(R) Envy Vacuum Tumbler use special technology to harness the natural insulating properties of air. These tumblers are super hot in the promotional products industry and we thought we’d share a little more about the technology. These products are on the higher-end of tumbler-style drinkware and often require a little more information in the selling process.

The key to keeping drinks cold (or hot) longer than traditional double wall drinkware is the46113_clear_styled_1c vacuum seal insulation. In the case of the Glacial Diamonds Tumbler for example, the stainless steal tumbler is constructed with a hole left in the bottom of the outer wall. The air is then sucked out of the space between the walls and as it is sucked out a glass bead is then wedged into the hole and heated to create an airtight seal.

Because there are no air molecules…

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To Yeti or Not to Yeti

Yeti® has become the most recent “got to have it” brand to hit the retail market.  From coolers to the Rambler series of drinkware, the brand is known to keep things cold.  Unfortunately (as of this post) they have not made their products readily available in the promotional products world.  However, with that being said, we feel that it is just around the corner as the demand grows. So if you are reading this post and the options below just won’t work, contact us to see what the lastest news is on putting your logo on a Yeti®.  As of right now we can engrave on the tumblers.  It is a very expensive option- but if you’ve just gotta have it, let us know and we can price it for you.

While we totally understand the brand allegiance and know that Yeti® makes some really awesome coolers and tumblers, we also know that having available and affordable options with similar features makes your marketing budget happier.

With a stainless steel exterior & interior and copper lining the new tumblers hitting the promotional products industry have been a hit with everyone.   More options are arriving daily so contact us via email, by phone or with the chat feature on our website to learn about the newest yeti type tumblers and coolers we have available.

This is one of the office favorites.  We tested this tumbler by filling it with ice and sitting it on the counter.  24 hours later it was still mostly ice.  48 hours later it was still half full of ice.  The next field test was filling it up with coffee.  While I will admit I’m a wimp and can’t handle anything that burns my tongue, this kept my coffee too hot.  It was over an hour before I could drink it- and that was after taking the lid off so it could cool.

Yeti Rambler, yeti knockoff, copper lining, stainless steel tumbler

20 oz. double wall vacuum stainless steel tumbler with copper lining / press-in lid / keeps liquid hot for over four hours / keeps liquid cold for over eight hours.  32 oz. coming soon.

Contact us today for more information on the newest Yeti® type products available.

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