OSC (Oh So Cool) Floating Sunglass Lanyard & Key Tag

Those that love the water, whether it be boating, fishing or surfing, know that “oh crap” moment when your glasses (or heaven forbid, your keys) hits the water.  Save everyone from that heart stopping moment while promoting your business or brand with these brand new floating eyewear retainers and key chains.  Not only are they functional, but they are super cool- making you super cool when you add your logo.

The designers took a “less is more” approach to the lanyard design, creating a retainer that is functional, durable, lightweight and comfortable.  Being coast dwellers, they understand the importance of all these features and designed a product they wanted to wear.

Korkz eye wear retainer

The corks used are #9 natural corks (not pressed) that are purchased domestically.  The assembly and decoration are completed right here in the US- in North Carolina.  Your logo is laser engraved on 1 or 2 sides of the cork, creating a beautiful piece you will be proud to to show off. The laser imprint will not wear off and the cork is UV resistant, keeping your brand looking good for a long time.  We can also add custom packaging with hanger bags for a convenient point of sale item.  These can make a great add-on sale item- they aren’t just for giveaways!

cork sunglass floating lanyard

The cork floating eyewear retainer is perfect for marinas, boat manufacturers, fly shops, fishing guide services, resorts, company retreats, cruise lines, travel agents and so much more.  Anywhere there are people and water these sunglass lanyards will save a lot of grief.  Of course, sunglasses aren’t the only use- these are perfect for “cheater glasses” as well.  I wear my sunglasses when fishing to help cut the glare on the water, but then I can’t see to tie a fly on my line.  So the cheater glasses AND the sunglasses are on a Korkz lanyard.  They are so lightweight that having 2 is not a problem.

korkz eyeglass lanyard

Sometimes we want to protect other items besides our sunglasses when around water (or just have a cool key chain).  That’s where the Keez comes in.  Made from the same natural cork, this light weight key tag can be added to items beyond just keys.  While these are also great for any water related businesses or activities, the key chain will work well for wine tastings, wineries or wine shops, eco promotions and more.

cork key tag

These items are so new they aren’t even on our website yet!  Just give us a call or email us for more information and pricing.


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Election Swag

Elections and promotional swag just naturally go together.  Political campaigns have used promotional items to increase a candidates visibility so far back that you often find buttons and other memorabillia in antique stores and vintage shops.  They become collectors items that last long after the election is over- win or lose.

While some items have faded in popularity (think match books) other items have stood the test of time- often with a modern twist.  Bumper stickers, magnets and buttons are some of the most popular campaign giveaway items. They are easy to hand out at rallys, hang on doors, and give away at events along a campaign trail.  No election would be complete without yard signs.  And supporters and campaigners are easier to recognize when dressed in hats or shirts showing support for their candidate.

At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we will work to help you find the right promotional materials for your campaign. Check out the selection below and call or email for even more ideas.

campaign material political button election swag

Yes, we can do buttons– big or small.  Need something extra? We can also add your button to a bi-fold card.  These make great leave behinds when canvasing a neighborhood.  Your message can be printed on the inside and outside with the button attached to the card.  Perfect for your supporters and also a great way to present your message to voters that want more information. As low as .49 each.    You can also order that same bi-fold card without anything inside- then add in a button, magnet, sticker- whatever is most appropriate.

America Flag car magnet election campaign political,

Items with the American Flag preprinted or worked into the design are popular campaign swag materials such as the car magnet above.  We also have many other items available with a patriotic theme you can add your message to such as these stress toys.  Call or email us for more swag ideas.

election sign yard sign election swag

Election yard signs come in all shapes, sizes and material.  We have them all: cardboard, plastic, corrugated plastic, corplast.  We also have large banners for hanging on fences, buildings or other areas where you need to get your election message out.

Hand fans are perfect giveaways for parades, festivals and fairs.

We also have a wide variety of Made in the USA items or we can find items made in your state to show support of your local economy and workforce.

Contact us for all your campaign material needs- we have you covered from the day your campaign begins all the way through election day.

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