Employee Recognition Matters

More and more companies are turning back towards recognition and employ engagement programs as a way to connect their employees more closely to the corporate goals and objectives.

There are two main reasons for this:
1.  The economy – when the economy is doing well the power shifts to the employee (as opposed to 8 years ago) as such, employers need to re think and re engage with their employees, so that they are better connected to the brand and its value, as well as, having that feeling of engaged participation. If they are not engaged, the possibility of them leaving for “greener pastures” increases exponentially.
2.  Millennials – If you have any of your own you already know that they need to be on boarded properly and recognized continually.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if you would benefit from our recognition program services.  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we should talk.
1. Are you having retention issues with your employees?
2. Are your employees properly engaged with the brand, its mission and its values?
3. Do you reward employees for loyalty and productivity?
4. Are your insurance rates to high?
5. Are you having trouble identifying new recruits and properly on boarding them?

Check out the video below for some helpful tips and insights into effective recognition programs.


Are you ready to explore the options for a recognition or awards program for your company? Whether it be annual year end appreciation or holiday gifts, years of service awards, safety programs or another recognition event, rewards programs can help engage and motivate employees, increase productivity and morale and help with employee retention.   Call or email today and we can discuss options that fit your needs and your budget.

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Some Assembly Required

My Dad didn’t “assemble” anything when I was growing up.  Nothing.  My mother tells the story that they went to  buy a bike for me at Christmas and when the salesperson  brought it out of the back it was in a box. My Dad refused to take it.  He told them he bought the one on the floor that was assembled and if that wasn’t what he was getting, then he wasn’t buying.  Thankfully the store gave in or I would have been a really disappointed kid on Christmas morning.

While this example may be a little extreme, many people approach their marketing the same way.  If you want a cohesive marketing plan you have to “assemble” all the right parts.  You can’t expect everything to be handed to you in a neat little “pre assembled” package and it work perfectly for your specific needs.

Think about your end goal (the assembled bike).  Is it to introduce a new product, make people aware of a service you offer, draw a crowd to a grand opening, get more traffic at your trade show booth, increase your visibility on social media?  Maybe you need to cut lost time accidents in the workplace, increase employee morale, reward staff for the completion of a large project, announce a merger.  The goal is what ever you need it to be- and it’s ok if you have more than one goal.  The important thing it to clearly identify the goal so you know what “parts” you need to put together to reach that goal.

Now, lay out all the parts you might need (even if it’s just in your head).  Print, direct mail, email campaign, radio or TV advertising, promotional products, packaging, delivery, follow up, etc.  This is just the review part.   Look at all the options you can use then start narrowing it down.  You don’t have to use every “part” (this is not true when assembling a bike, just saying).    Kinda like this:


What key elements do you need; what parts are crucial to the outcome.  Think of this as the “frame”.

For example, if you want to draw potential clients to your trade show booth, then you really need to focus on your actual booth first.  Do you need a backdrop, lights, shelving, brochure display, a table and chair to sit down with clients or will a table cover with your logo and an retractable banner work?

Now that you have your frame, are you just going to stand behind the table and hope people stop? No, not if you expect to be successful.  What “parts” do you need to get people to the event or to get those registered to stop at your booth?  A pre-show mailer? Social media campaign? Booth giveaway?   Brochures of your product/services? Samples?  An in-booth game to get people involved?  Free popcorn?

So you had a great booth, people loved your product and took away samples or information. Now what?  Social media follow up?  Direct mail piece to those that stopped by? Packaged gift to your top leads?

This last portion is the key to showing a nice ROI.  Sure, all the other pieces fit together and work and can get you to your goal. However,  the follow up is like the bike bell, not totally necessary to the function of the bike, but it lets everyone know you are around.  It makes noise and gets attention.

You can take this concept and apply it to any marketing or business goal you have- frame, parts, bell.  It’s a very simplified breakdown, but an easy way to remember to think about the finished product as a whole and to plan out the assembly before you start.  Then you can ride away on that shiny bike ringing your bell.

Need help with the assembly?  Give us a call, email or chat with us on our website and we can work with you to help you put all the parts together to achieve your goal.

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