Get Ready for Eclipse Viewing Parties

Where will you be August 21, 2017?  Hopefully in the path of the first total soloar eclipse to cross North America since 1979.  We are excited that both our Portland, OR office and our Black Mountain (Asheville), NC offices are really close to being right in the path of the Great American Eclipse.  Sorry, to our Michigan office!  To view the optimal viewing areas and the complete path click here.  Even if you are not in the direct path for a complete eclipse, most of North America will be able to see a partial eclipse.


If you are planning viewing parties or want to use this rare natural occurance as a marketing opportunity, these eclipse viewing glasses offer a safe way to view the eclipse while getting your message across.  These are perfect for colleges, optometrists, tv and radio stations or anyone promoting the event across the US.  Since these glasses are lightweight they make a perfect direct mail piece or envelope stuffer.  Or, for a less expensive option, go with these stock printed exclipse viewing glasses with no logo.

Need other swag or giveaways ideas based on the eclipse, solor, sun or moon theme? Just let us know and we can help you find the perfect items to fit your needs.