The Card Keeper: Simple, Versatile… and cheap!

(NOTE: I’ve been trying for a couple of days to get Blogger to post the photo of this item but it isn’t working. Very frustrating. To see a pic, click the link to the Quikey website at the end of this post)

This is not a brand-new item, but it’s back by popular demand so I thought I’d write it up. It’s the Quikey Card Keeper – it’s made of soft, thick, shiny vinyl and comes in lots of fun colors.

This is a natural branding “add-on” for any promotional marketing that involves cards… gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, business cards, debit cards. Here are a few ideas of ways this could be used by different kinds of businesses:

Banks & Credit Unions: Give new customers a Card Keeper any time they open a new account that will include a debit or credit card. It keeps their card handy when they need it & protects it from scratching & becoming demagnetized.

Gyms & Fitness Clubs: Present new member cards in a card keeper, and add an inexpensive, laser-engraved carabiner clip so it can easily attach to gym bags.

HR Departments: Have card keepers imprinted with your company logo and perhaps the contact informaton for HR. Use the card keeper to present new insurance cards or building security cards to new hires. Also a nice ‘extra’ to present with an employee’s first box of business cards.

Retailers: A great way to package gift cards to extend your branding

Schools & Colleges: Help students keep their student ID cards handy by either giving a card keeper to new students with their ID or making them available for sale.

Punch-Card Loyalty Programs: If your business offers a punch-card program, distribute the punch-cards in card keepers. People can keep the punch card handy on their keyring with the keeper, and your brand gets more exposure than it would if the card just goes into a wallet.

As you can see, there are lots & lots of ways to use this simple item that costs less than $1.00. If you’d like to see information & pricing on the Quikey Card Keeper, here’s a link to check out:

If you’re interested in the card keeper as a way to promote YOUR business, school or non-profit, we are happy to help you out and we offer the entire Quikey line. Just give us a call (888-237-4320) or e-mail us: to get your questions answered or your order started!

Worther Shorty Drafting Pencil

Anyone in drafting or architecture is probably familiar with the German-made Worther mechanical pencil, which writes on practically everything. Now you can order the same Worther brand pencils with your logo imprinted on the pencil and completely custom packaging with your logo, artwork and copy.

The custom logo’d Worther is a great choice for discriminating corporate gift buyers who appreciate modern european style and are looking for something just a little off the beaten path. A perfect choice for: architects, engineering firms, general contractors, design firms.

With minimum quantities of 50 and pricing under $10.00 (which includes your custom designed packaging), the Worther can fit into nearly any marketing budget. Please contact us for a custom quote on this item (toll-free: 866-247-4320 or e-mail:

Here’s a link to the Worther website where you can see the Shorty with examples of packaging:

Crazy Color-Morphing Stressballs

Stress toys are a big (and popular) item for company swag, but they’ve been done almost to death in my opinion, especially as giveaways for events. Let’s be honest – they don’t have any real underlying usefulness (unlike, say, pens or letter openers) so they’re likely to be thrown out and forgotten quickly unless there’s something COMPELLING about them that grabs people’s interest.

That being said… here’s a stress toy I can get excited about! It’s a semi-solid, gel filled, shiny colored ball that changes colors when you squeeze it. Although it’s hard to convey the feel of something on a website, the weight and squeezable-ness are just right – it’s much more satisfying than those ubiquitous lite-foam stress toys you see all over. This is something that will get ATTENTION at a tradeshow, and that people will take back & show to their co-workers, friends or spouses just because it is so unique and engaging.

This comes from a line we sell called Handstands, and they have a really good product lineup with cool, colorful and interesting promo items. This link goes to the page on their site with the morphing stress ball, but if you’re looking for cool ideas for your company swag, cruise around their site and see what else they have to offer too. Here’s the link:

As always, if you buy imprinted swag/apparel/awards for business and need someone good to work with, here’s our contact information:
Advance Promotions
Toll Free: 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading & please tell other people about our blog 🙂

The Bic Duo – New, Cool & a little Geeky

Funny, but sometimes the simplest things get the biggest reaction. That’s been the case with everyone I’ve shown the new Bic Duo to… it’s a pen and a highlighter in one.

Now duo pens & highlighters have been around for a long time, but they’ve always been configured so the pen’s at one end and the highlighter’s at the other. Pulling the caps on & off both ends is sort of a bother (not to mention there are 2 caps to lose instead of just one) and you have to turn the pen upside down every time you want to highlight something.

What makes the Duo unique is that the highlighter’s in the same end as the pen. It’s hollow in the middle and twists down right over the nib of the pen, so the pen actually transforms into a highlighter, and back to a pen, with a quick half-turn of the barrel. So how could you theme this item for corporate swag?

-Use it to promote a 2-for-1 sales event
-Perfect item to ‘highlight’ your ‘quick turnaround’
-Incorporate it into a ‘bright ideas’ theme for generating employee suggestions
-Package it with a Journal Book for conferences & retreats

If you’re interested in ordering a sample of the Bic Duo, or if you’d like more information about ordering them with your custom imprint, just contact me at Advance Promotions: 866-247-4320 or e-mail:

For information and pricing on Bic’s website, click this link:

Great Gadget!

Just when I thought I’d seen it all… this is just the coolest thing! It’s a hand-cranking recharger with multiple adaptor tips so it will charge iPods, PDAs, Cellphones and other small electronics even when there’s no electricity available!

Talk about putting your logo on something that will impress people and be remembered. If someone gave me one of these things I’d be showing it off to everyone I know. Think of the positive brand association if this little gadget gets your big client or prospect out of a real fix when their cellphone battery dies… this gizmo can make you a BIG hero!

This is offered by our supplier New Products (yes, that’s their name), and can be purchased through my company, Advance Promotions. Just scroll down to the next entry for our contact info. if you’re interested in ordering these. The minimum quantity is just 25 and they’re a super gift idea for pretty much anyone you want to impress or reward.

Here’s a link to the pricing & details on the New Products site:

A Better Holiday Card Idea

I’m always on the lookout for things my clients can mail out at year-end that are more unique or memorable than the same old holiday cards. One item that caught my eye is this pop-up holiday card that holds a logo imprinted pen.

The price point on this is almost too good to be true – $1.59 which includes the card AND the pen. That’s around the same price as a nice card just by itself, and you get more bang for your marketing buck since the pen will hang around after the card’s tossed in the trash in January.

Here’s a link to the page on our supplier’s website with details & pricing: As with all the items I show on my blog, this is available for purchase through my company, Advance Promotions. Just give me a call or shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested in this or any other promo goodies for your business (866-247-4320 toll free, email:

Are you searching for creative ways to make your holiday cards more memorable this year? Then you should check out this article on my website:

And finally, you can order holiday greeting cards from us online. Here’s the link to our online store: We have a huge selection of cards and can even help you custom design your holiday cards. We offer FREE envelope imprinting on every order received before the end of September.

New BioMetric Flash Drives – Keep Data Secure!

USB flash drives are a hot item these days, especially in the promotional industry. After all, they’re such a handy thing – small, compact & they hold a lot of data.

Trouble is, should you lose one of these or have it stolen it’s bad news… especially if you happen to have sensitive company or client data saved on it. That’s why I was so happy to see these new BioMetric flash drives from one of our industry suppliers. They’re locked and unlocked with your fingerprint… so should it fall into the wrong hands, the data is still secure.

Here’s a link to the website for our supplier the All-In-One Line, which should go to the page with the BioMetric flashdrive specs & pricing.

They also have lots of other styles of flash drives, so if you’re looking for different ones that you can put your logo on, this is a good place to check out. As always, you can order these through me at Advance Promotions. Just call toll-free: 866-247-4320 or e-mail me: