New Device Backs Up Cellphone Info!

Here’s another ‘gee whiz’ tech item that’s just hit the promo industry – it’s a device that backs up the SIM cards used to store data in cellphones and PDAs.

If you’re looking for a useful, different high-tech gift for under $10 this is something you should consider. Nearly everyone carries a cellphone or PDA and the majority of people never even think about backing up their SIM card until they lose a phone or the card somehow gets damaged. If it saves your prospect or client from losing their data, you’re a hero!

This device can also be used as a ‘remote database’ by others. For example, a salesperson might store their customer contact numbers in their cellphone because they’re on the road a lot. This device can be left at the office so staff can access needed information without calling to interrupt the salesperson and ask for phone numbers.

These are customized with your logo and are bound to become a topic of conversation with those you give them to. Surveys have shown that 70% of promo recipients will keep items if they consider them ‘useful’ – this is definitely one item they will hang on to, and the perceived value is much higher than the price of the item (between $8-$10 depending on quantity, the minimum order is 100 pcs.)

If this is an item you’re interested in ordering or learning more about, I’d be happy to help you if you don’t already have a good promo person to work with. To see more information about this item and pricing, here’s a link to our supplier’s website:

Please feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail if I can help you with this or any other promotional products: (or) 1-888-247-4320. Thanks for reading!

Safe-Ad Telephone Pads

Although this isn’t a new item, it’s one that I think is worth talking about. It falls into the ever-so-popular category of items costing less than $1.00 and it puts your company logo in front of your client every day for several months. What is it? An ANTI-MICROBIAL TELEPHONE PAD.
This little 1.5″ square is made of special AgION antimicrobial plastic and is printed on the front with your logo, with adhesive on the back. When it’s stuck down under the mouthpiece of a telephone it protects the mouthpiece from germs AND keeps your name & number right at the user’s fingertips.

While these have been available for quite some time at minimum quantities of 1,000 or more, we have a supplier who just started offering them at a minimum order quantity of 250. Price per pad ranges from $.75 to $.95/each depending on quantity ordered and the type of presentation card chosen.

I like the presentation option that goes with your business card (pictured above). This works well for both mailing or for handing out in person. The cards are printed with information about the antimicrobial properties of the pad (so the recipients know what the heck it is).

This is a great item for any business that wants to keep their phone number highly visible and convey an image of caring about others. It’s also a nice item for internal company use – give one to every employee to help stop the spread of germs around the office.

This item is a great trade show giveaway item, but can be used just as effectively with a direct mail campaign (it’s very light – no extra postage needed in a #10 envelope). If you attend networking events it’s a natural with the business card presentation.

This is just one of several antimicrobial products we offer with custom imprinting – we also have lightswitch covers, pens and mini flashlights made with this special plastic.

If this is an item you’re interested in ordering for your business or non-profit I’d be happy to help you. Simply send me an e-mail ( or call me toll-free: 888-247-4320.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Beware of Cheap Polycarbonate Bottles

Polycarbonate bottles are really, really hot right now in the promo industry. It all began with the Nalgene (name-brand) sport bottle, which was originally marketed to backpackers and other outdoors people but became a huge hit with the general public.

Those original Nalgene bottles sold for upwards of $10 when they first came out, but their popularity spawned all kinds of imitators who came out with different styles and colors of bottles made from similar plastic (generically called polycarbonate plastic or ‘polycarb’ for short). There are different grades and thicknesses of polycarb plastic, however, and that’s something to be aware of.

By using a little thinner plastic, industry suppliers were able to get the price point on promo polycarb bottles down into the $4-$7 range. Recently, however, a ‘new generation’ of cheap polycarb bottles has hit the promo market with a price point in the $2-ish range.

These bottles look very tempting at this price… but there’s a catch. To produce them for this price, suppliers are using thinner plastic than before. These bottles will come with a little slip of paper inside warning they’re not dishwasher-safe, but let’s face it, most people just won’t take the time to hand-wash a giveaway water bottle. When these cheap polycarb bottles go into the dishwasher they have a tendency to warp at the bottom from the heat… and then they won’t stand upright anymore, making them pretty much useless. Not a good thing, especially if your logo is on that bottle.

These are the kinds of details I like to know about so I can give my clients the full scoop when they’re looking at different products… sometimes going with the cheapest thing available is a big mistake in the long run.

My favorite source for polycarb bottles is LCP Mugs in Idaho. They’re not widely known in our industry but they’re a ‘best kept secret’ out here on the West Coast. To see LCP’s line of high-quality (non warping) polycarb bottles you can check out their site:

If you’re interested in ordering polycarb bottles for YOUR promotional advertising I would be happy to help you. Feel free to e-mail me: or call me at 866-247-4320. Thanks for reading & have a good day!

Lenticular Printing – Artwork that Flips Out!!

Lenticular printing has been around a long time – you’ve probably seen it and just didn’t know what it was called. It’s a little hard to describe in words, hopefully the image I’ve pasted above gives you an idea of what I’m talking about. It’s a printing process that puts an image on a thin sheet of plastic (it feels slightly ribbed to the touch) and when you move the image back and forth it can appear to either jump, flip or look like 3-D. In a word – it’s coolio.
Until recently there were very few sources for custom lenticular printing and 5,000 or 10,000 piece minimums were common. I’m happy to report there’s now a supplier in our industry who is doing a wide range of lenticular products with minimum orders of 250 pieces. While I’ll be the first to admit these items are on the spendy side when compared with regular printing, there’s really no comparison. Side by side the lenticular artwork is in a class all it’s own – it draws the attention of everyone who looks at it and conveys visual information in a completely unique way.
Lenticular printing is something to consider when you want to create a piece that really gets people’s attention (and of course snazzy artwork is the key here). It’s also an almost unparalleled medium for communicating “before” and “after” information in a pictorial way, or for creating a feeling of motion with your advertising short of using video.
To learn more about lenticular products and see the different effects that can be created with it, click this link to Awesome Eye’s website (our supplier):
You’ll also be able to see all the products they create with lenticular effects and view pricing.
If this is something you’re interested in, I would be happy to work with you on your project and send you some actual samples of lenticular printing to see for yourself. It’s a unique and powerful way to present images and messaging.
Lenticular printing is just one more way I can help you look like a creative marketing genius.

Mystique "Magic" Glass Candle Holder

This is another new item for 2007 that’s very different and has a definite ‘wow’ factor. It’s a glass candle holder that looks like it’s a solid color when you first see it. Light and insert a tealight candle… and voila! The underlying 4-color process artwork appears as if by magic once the glass is warmed by the flame.

This is a great gift idea – the price point is a little too high for a give-away ($7.50/each with a minimum order of 144 pieces). It would make an excellent gift with purchase item for spas, salons, boutiques, furniture stores or fitness clubs.

Because you can use 4 color process artwork all around the outside of the candle holder, this is an item where you can get really creative with artwork. Use as a memento item for weddings, anniversaries, graduations or bar/bat mitzvahs… add a photo and event date to make a really nice keepsake for guests to take home.

One more thought – birthdays. If you currently have (or have considered) a birthday program for your better clients this would be a fantastic item to use. Have them printed with a fun birthday motif (plus a discreetly placed logo) and send them out as a birthday surprise. You could even design a new one each year so your clients build a collection over time.

As you can tell, there’s a lot of creative uses for this item and I’ve barely scratched the surface. If this is an item you are interested in, here’s a link to our supplier’s website (the WorldWide line) where you can see pricing and more detailed info:

As with all items on my blog, this can be ordered though my company (Advance Promotions) if you don’t already have a promotional consultant to work with. If I can be of help with this or other promotional items please contact me:

Super Cool Business Card Concept

This is another item I saw at the PPAI Expo that I think is worth writing about. It’s called the FlipPix Business Card and, as you can tell by the photo series above, it’s a really unique concept for printed materials.

If you want to see more detail about how this works, the supplier who has this product also has video on their website showing the product in action – I’m giving you the link below. In essense, this is an origami-like paper business card or printed piece that has several different views depending on how you fold it. It’s addictive, once you start playing with it. I’m seriously considering having my own cards done in the FlipPix format – it’s one of the coolest business cards I think I’ve ever seen (and it imparts much more information than a regular bizcard).

Here’s the link to the website:

We are a dealer for Imcom’s product line, so if this is something you’re interested in please feel free to contact me (if you don’t already have a promo person to work with).

Custom Label Energy Drinks

Another new product that created a lot of buzz at the PPAI Expo was custom labeled energy drinks. These drinks are a very popular category at retail, especially among the under-30 demographic. This is a great, upscale alternative to custom labeled bottled water for handing out at events like trade shows, conferences or sporting events like golf tournaments.

Unlike bottled water, energy drinks have a distinctive taste… and some are obviously better than others. The one I’m featuring here (from Custom Energy Drinks) tastes great – they were taste-testing it at their booth in Las Vegas and the folks I talked to agreed with me unanimously that this one tastes like it should. Tart, fizzy, slightly sweet. If you are in the market for this item and shopping the internet, I would definitely recommend you ask for samples and taste-test for yourself before committing. After all, the cool packaging doesn’t mean a thing if people make a face and spit the drink out!

The size, shape and look of these cans is very similar to Red Bull, and the cans are custom-printed right on the metal. No labels. The sky is the limit as far as designing your own custom can and they look really cool.

Minimum quantity: 576 cans and up. Not for everyone, I know, but for the right sort of company and marketing event this is a great item.

This company’s website is pretty devoid of information but they do have some cute flash animation that shows you what the custom cans look like. You can check it out at For information, pricing, turnaround time and all that jazz just get in touch with me (or) your favorite local promotional products person.

Thanks for reading – I’ll be back next week with more ideas for you!

Diane Nudelman

AKA The Swag Queen!