Collapsible Cooler Tub for Tailgating

Here’s another great summer-to-fall transitional item – collapsible cooler tubs.

These waterproof, collapsible tubs are perfect for picnics, sporting events, tailgate parties, you name it. There’s a nice large area for your logo imprint and they come in a variety of colors.

You could give them by themselves as a gift or sales contest prize … they’d be a great “gift with purchase” item or you could use them like a gift basket and put other goodies inside for an impressive presentation.

For pricing & details, visit our supplier’s website: As with all the items I post on the blog, you can order these through us here at Advance Promotions (the supplier, Southern Plus, only sells through distributors like us).

Custom Label Granola Bars

Looking for a HIGH ENERGY giveaway item for events? Custom Labeled Granola Bars may be the answer. They’re healthy and chewy, creating a more positive association for your brand than you may get with other candy-type products.

They come in 2 flavors: Chocolate Chip (or) Oats ‘n Honey, with your choice of customizable gold or silver foil wrapper. The minimum quantity order is 1,000 bars.

To check out more details, visit, which is the supplier we source these from. They only sell through distributors like us, so if you want to place an order or receive a sample, just contact me at 800-247-4320 or e-mail:

Back to Business & Back to Bloggin

I’ll be the 1st to admit I’ve slacked this summer on keeping the Swag Blog updated… so many margaritas and so little time! Well, that’s not exactly true but it sounded good, didn’t it?

In the promotional products business, September kicks off the ‘second selling season’ and we start to see new stuff for 2007. We’re just starting to get our new 2007 apparel lines catalogs, and I’m going to start posting some of my favorite new styles here. Corporate logo apparel has come a long way in the past few years, and the looks are becoming much more retail-like and sophisticated (thank goodness!). After all, if you’re going to make people wear company shirts, you may as well get them ones that they actually enjoy wearing!

The other big thing that happens this time of year is holiday gift collections. We’re starting to get holiday gift catalogs and there’s a lot of really beautiful stuff this year. Wine related items seem to be especially popular, as is anything to do with poker or ipods.

I’ll do my best to be diligent about posting several new items weekly, so if you’re always on the hunt for ‘what’s new & what’s hot’ in the world of swag, keep coming back often.

Thanks for reading – I’ve been surprised and very gratified to hear from folks literally all over the US who have found this blog and my website ( and have contacted me to get quotes or to place orders.

I really love working with new customers, so please don’t be shy if you need a REAL PERSON (as opposed to a website or an 800-number) to work with in the world of swag and imprinted clothing. You can reach me or one of my staff, live and in person, from 8:30am ’til 5:00pm Pacific Time, M-F.

If you like the blog, tell other people you know about it. If you’d like to also get my monthly e-newsletter, just sign up on my website and I’ll be happy to add you to the list.

Yours truly,
Diane Nudelman
The Swag Queen!

Mini Madison Promo Digital Camera

The Mini Madison debuted last year, and the buzz hasn’t stopped since. It’s a cute, LITTLE (just over 2″ square) digital camera with 1.3 megapixel and webcam/short video capabilities that comes with multiple interchangeable faceplates. Includes a neckstrap, a keychain clip and software/cords to hook up to your computer.

It comes in a cool & colorful, magnetically sealed gift box. Priced in the $40 range (depending on quantity), it can be ordered blank or with your logo imprint on the camera body.

This would be a great incentive gift for sales contests or for company retreats or other corporate travel events. You could also do a drawing for, say, 25 of them at your trade show booth as a means to collect more leads & draw traffic. If your target market is young/hip/creative (and perhaps a bit jaded toward promos), this is one item that has a definite COOL factor. There’s a link below you can click to see pricing & specs – as always, you can order this item through my company – just call or e-mail: 866-247-4320 toll free (8:30-5pm Pacific Time) or
Cut & paste this link to see info & pricing:

(sorry, for some reason blogger is being grumpy about inserting links today)

New Golf Item: Covert Coolers

The Covert Cooler is specially designed to slip inside of that big pocket on the outside of a golf bag, keeping drinks and food cold, handy and out of sight. The inside liner is watertight, which is obviously important to protect the golf bag. The detachable shoulder strap adds versatility, so it can also be used for picnics, fishing trips, or anywhere you’d want to take a small & portable cooler.

BUT… the BEST two things about it from a promotional standpoint… AD SPACE & GREAT PRESENTATION. Let me explain:

AD SPACE: The imprint area is huge, 4″ x 12″, which is plenty of room for MULTIPLE SPONSOR LOGOS. In other words, you can sell ad space on the covert coolers to your tournament sponsors for $3-$5 per ad. You can easily fit 5-6 sponsor logos on this and more than cover the cost of the coolers. To add two more sponsors, add a logo’d zipper pull to the zipper and a luggage/bag tag to the handle. This is a great way to raise extra $$ for charity tournaments.

GREAT PRESENTATION: Just think of the Covert Cooler as another version of the ‘Swag Bag’ – you can stuff it with the goodies you get from your sponsors: golf shirts, visors, beer koozies, divot tools, golf towels… you get the picture. Makes it easy to hand out all that stuff in one neat package!

If you want more information or pricing, I’m happy to help! Simply call me, toll-free at 866-247-4320 (M-F 8:30-5:00 Pacific Time) or shoot me an e-mail:

i-Kleen – Promo Cellphone Cleaner/Charms

This is an item that’s HUGE in Japan right now, but new to the American promotional market – it’s called an i-Kleen, and it’s basically a vinyl cellphone charm that has a microfiber cloth backing that safely cleans the screens of cellphones and other personal electronic devices.

These are a natural for companies that want to reach the youth market, which is notoriously resistant to most forms of advertising and tend to be jaded when it comes to promotional items. Keeping your logo on their cellphones is huge, considering the near constant cellphone usage of young people these days to stay in touch with each other.

The size, shape and artwork of the i-Kleen is limited only by your imagination – there are dozens of stock shapes available to choose from, or we can help you custom-create your own for large quantity orders.

Priced at well under $1 in quantities of 10k or more, this is a great mass-giveaway item for summer events and promotions. If you’re interested in this item, just drop me an e-mail ( and I’ll be happy to help you out.

To see pricing, stock shapes & other details, follow this link to our supplier’s website:

New Item! Gliding Promo Pins

Crave a little wave, a glide in your ride, some motion in your promotion. Well search no further! We have just the thing to create that next fun promotional “zing”, Glider Pins! These pins are actually two emblematic pieces combined to create one fun grooving, moving piece. The base is die cut to create a path for the upper emblematic charm to move freely back and forth, up and down or diagonally. No longer stationary, these lapel pins can show something floating, boating, swinging, soaring, sliding, flying, gliding, tripping, coasting, drifting, racing, waving, and more! Think of the sports possibilities! Imagine a ball being thrown, an athlete skiing, a tennis ball soaring, a golf club swinging, a skater gliding, a surfer surfing, a bike racing, a ball flying. Make fundraising and recognition hip and interesting. Little league, school sports fundraising, school athletic awards, souvenirs and fan appreciation days. Trading and collecting, lapel pins are top notch, so create more than one pin. Kids will love them.

Not your ordinary lapel pin, they’ll sway back and forth with the recipients movements and are sure to grab one’s attention. If reach and frequency are the measures of advertising, then these lapel pins are an exceptionally effective advertising message at an outstanding value.