Gifts of Appreciation for Nurses Week

Two years since the early stage of the pandemic, Healthcare workers are still under huge amounts of stress. Dealing with staffing shortages, longer hours, heavier patient loads and a myriad of other issues, Nurses are grateful for a showing of gratitude and appreciation. Take a look at these suggestions for nurses week or nurses day gift ideas from last year, then read on below for more ideas.

Individually wrapped cookies are great additions to a swag bag or we can put several into a custom printed box as an office gift or department gift everyone can share. Other individual treat ideas are trail mix, mints, chocolate (always my favorite) and so many others. Small and easy to hand out, individual food gifts are a great way to put a smile on every nurse’s face!

Self care is encouraged during high stress times and this diy lip balm kit encourages doing something fun outside of work and also creates high quality lip balm that will be fun to use. Includes everything needed to make five lip balm tins.

Items that are multi functional and useful are always one of my favorites to give and receive. Flashlights (can you ever have too many flashlights) fits the bill. For early morning or late night shifts they come in handy getting to and from the car. Stashed in the glove compartment they are always there for an emergency and you never know when you will need one at home. Adding a fun imprint to tie the gift to the occasion helps continue your message. Try a message such as: “Thank you for shining a light on patient care” , “You are a bright light” or “Nurses light the way”.

Tech items are one of our top categories for giveaways, gifts and general swag ideas. Charging cables and power banks continue to be at the top of the list. Qi chargers are increasingly popular for cordless charging at home or at work and come in a variety of styles and price ranges.

In addition to these items, the tried and true tote bags, lunch coolers and drinkware remain popular gift ideas as well. Let us help you find the newest trending styles for your Nurse’s Day and Nurses Week gift needs.

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Go With the Flow

How to still get great swag during ongoing Covid complications

Covid has certainly disrupted many aspect of life… work, school, travel, dining, entertainment, even healthcare.  Sadly, swag is no different!  Between stock issues, production disruptions, shipping delays, and higher prices, it’s tempting to just assume it’s too much to tackle right now.  But here are some pro tips on how to make swag still feasible (and even easy!) during such a difficult time.

1. PLAN AHEAD- in the past, we have worked some serious miracles when it came to in-hands dates.  There was even one order that we produced AND delivered in the same day for a customer that was in an emergency!  Sadly, those days are LONG gone.  We now have very limited options even for 24-48 hour rush, and those options have more restrictions and higher fees.  Additionally, standard production times are longer, as suppliers battle staffing shortages.  Your best option is to PLAN AHEAD.  Most suppliers are currently at a 7-10 day production after art and order approval, plus shipping.  So we encourage everyone to give themselves a good 3 business weeks to have access to the largest variety of options.

2. BE FLEXIBLE WITH YOUR CHOICES- stock issues have meant that everyone has to be a little flexible with the products they choose.  We highly recommend that you have a few backup choices so that if an item is out of stock, you have a second, third, and sometimes even a fourth choice to fall back on.  It’s better to identify these “alternates” when you’re making your initial product selection so that no time is wasted making new selections if an item is out of stock.  We are also really happy to help you find items!  If you’re able to provide us with a budget, quantity, and deadline, we can pull together a selection of items that we know are in stock to meet your needs.

3. BUDGETS MAY NEED TO CHANGE- as we’re sure you’re feeling at the grocery store, hardware store, car dealership, etc., prices are going up.  Worldwide supply chain issues means demand is outpacing supply, and labor shortages means that the cost to produce any goods is higher.  So naturally, the price to the end user is higher as well.  This is important to keep in mind, as your dollar may not go as far as it did on the same products even just a few months ago.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get a good value though!  We can help you find items that haven’t seen such a large price increase, and we can certainly help you find items that are produced closer to you to cut down on shipping costs. 

4. WHEN IN DOUBT, REACH OUT- if time has gotten away from you, or you need something very specific, it doesn’t mean we absolutely CAN’T come through with what you need!  It’s always best to ask, but know that we are doing everything we can to meet needs, without setting unrealistic expectations or making promises we can’t keep.  If we feel confident we can meet a deadline or get a product, we’ll do it!  But if we don’t feel totally sure, we’ll definitely tell you… and then suggest some other options that might still work.

Now is a GREAT time to start planning for spring and summer events, when hopefully germs, quarantines and cancelled activities won’t be such issues.  Give us a call or email us today to let us get started on helping you plan!