A Breakdown of Decorating Terms

Putting your logo on swag should be simple right?  Just plop it on there.  There are so many variables we have to look at when deciding the best way to get your logo on an item- the material it is going on, the number of colors in your logo, the look you want to achieve and the message you want to send, just to name a few.

If you are looking for something trendy and eye catching for events, using glitter, which is trending right now, is a fun choice.  For insurance companies that want to convey their solid reputation, a left chest embroidery is the obvious, traditional choice.

Not sure what you want or even what is available for your logo? Just ask us and we will help you find the option that will work best for your logo.

Here is a brief explanation of various types of imprints we have available.

Screen Printing An imprinting method in which an image is printed onto fabric or other substance, by straining ink through a stenciled screen stretched over a frame.

Embroidery The art of embellishing a piece of apparel with a needle and thread or yarn to create depth, movement and detail.

Direct-To-Garment Printing (DTG) Also known as Digital Textile Printing, DTG uses specialized inkjet technology to print detailed, colorful graphics directly onto apparel.  DTG is often used for full color or multi color designs and is also an option for small runs of garments.

Heat Press/Heat Transfer The use of a heat press to transfer a design onto an apparel surface, popular for small runs, sports uniforms and specialty finishes (such as foil imprint).

Emboss Embossing creates raised relief images on surfaces using a metal-engraved die. Embossed patterns are raised against the background material and will not fade or wash away.

Deboss Debossing creates recessed relief images on surfaces. Debossed patterns are sunken into the surface of the material and will not fade or wash away.

Laser Etching A subtle tone-on-tone decoration style created by etching a design or pattern into the top layer of the apparel or other material, using focused laser beams.

Pad Printing The used of a soft silicone pad and an etched plate to imprint the design in ink onto products.  Often used for items that are too difficult to imprint with other methods.

Dye Sublimation A printing process that uses extreme heat and pressure to transfer a design that is printed on a special paper onto fabric.

Different imprint methods can be combined to create a unique look, such as screen print and embroidery, or laser etching and deboss.

At Barefoot Swag, we listen to what you want to achieve and will make suggestions based on your item, logo, budget and timeline.

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On Loss

June 28th. It rolls around every year, but for the last 13 I have hated this day.  This year seems even worse than others. Maybe because the day is cloudy and overcast, which fits my mood.  Maybe because this year I’m the age my husband was on this day 13 years ago when he took his last breath.  Maybe because last week I spent time kayaking with his (our) granddaughter and know how much he would have adored her (and his grandsons), and they him. Maybe because on this day it doesn’t seem like years have passed since I lost him. It seems like only yesterday.

Mark Orze
My favorite picture of Mark. Taken the night we were married.

I’m angrier than normal this year. I’m angry that he was stubborn and wouldn’t go to the doctor soon enough. I’m angry there is no cure for cancer. I’m angry that I had only 5 very short years with him. I’m angry he isn’t here for me to discuss business matters with.  I’m angry that his life was cut short and that he didn’t get to fulfill all his dreams. I’m angry that I want to talk to him and can’t.

I’m also grateful- grateful that I met that stubborn Yankee, that he convinced me to go out with him (even though I told him nice Southern girls don’t date Yankees- he took that as a challenge).  Grateful that he loved me so completely and unconditionally that I never had to doubt it for one second. Grateful that his laugh still echos in my head when I need it most. Grateful for every second that I had with him and the many ways he changed my life.  Grateful that he was the man he was.

If you were lucky enough to have known Mark Orze, you liked him. There was no way you couldn’t. If you never met him. I wish you could have. He was a smart businessman, had the ability to talk to anyone, he was funny and could laugh at himself like no one I have ever met.  He was stubborn, organized,  creative, an amazing cook, loved to travel and was a great Dad.  And a wonderful husband.

Now it’s time for my soapbox. If you smoke, stop (and if you don’t, don’t even think about starting).  I don’t give a shit how hard it is. It can’t possibly be as hard as knowing your family and those you love will have to live the rest of their lives missing you. Smoking can’t possibly be more important that being here to watch your children and grandchildren grow up.  Smoking can’t possibly make you feel good enough to justify the pain you will put yourself and your loved ones through.  Lung Cancer kills more people each year than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined.  For the record, Mark had stopped smoking long before I met him, 12 years prior to his diagnosis.

Today we all go on.  Memories make me smile and laugh (I still laugh as his misunderstanding of some southern sayings), they make me sad and lonely.  But I treasure each one. Especially on this day.


Golf Tournament Giveaways That Go Beyond the Course.

Planning your golf giveaways for a charity golf tournament or corporate golf outing does not need to be daunting- or boring.

Many people that play in golf tournaments do so because they support the cause or organization, not necessarily because they are avid golfers. Maybe this is one of the only times they play each year (I definitely fall into this category.  I get bored after 9 holes). This is also true for corporate golf outings where employees play to enjoy a day of socializing with their co-workers.  For this type of golfers, choosing event giveaways does not necessarily mean you need items that are golf related.  As a matter of fact, if you want your brand identity to be seen more (and who doesn’t), selecting items that are functional beyond golf is a smart marketing strategy.  Even the avid golfers appreciate items that have a use other than while golfing (how many shoe bags does one golfer need?)

Here are our Top 5 Golf Giveaway ideas that can do double duty:

  1. The weekender duffle bag comes in a wide variety of colors to coordinate with your brand. Your logo can be debossed on the patch or printed in color.  The variety of pockets can be stuffed with other swag items (golf tees, golf balls or other golf swag).  The additional imprint area makes it possible to add another sponsor logo as well.weekend duffel bag golf tournament gift
  2. Whether organizing the trunk or used as a convenient way to carry items from the car to the house, this utility tote is ideal as a giveaway, raffle item (fill it with golf goodies) or tournament prize. With a low minimum, reasonable price and large imprint area, this is one of my favorite pieces for its versatility.utility tote trunk organizer with logo
  3. Socks have become a hot promotional item and the possibilities are endless. And who is going to throw away a pair of socks?  Choose from a variety of styles, from no- show to dress socks to knee highs.  Want to add a fun element for a hole sponsor- have each golfer show their socks at the hole and the one with the biggest “hole” at the end of the day wins an extra prize.custom socks with a logo
  4. Flashlights are one of those items you never throw away because you never know when you are going to need it.L100 flashlight with logo custom printed
  5. Tech items are always popular, and sought after, gift ideas. Power banks will come in handy on and off the golf course and will be an well used promotional item. Available in a variety of sizes to charge just a smart phone or charging multiple devices.tek114 black power bank with corporate logo

If these aren’t exactly what you are looking for check out this previous post on non-traditional golf ideas for giveaways or this blog on choosing the right golf ball with your logo.


Need more ideas or information?  Call or email us today and we will put together ideas that fit your needs and your budget.

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