A Rainbow of Swag

Pride Month, parades, festivals and rallies offer businesses, corporations, colleges and universities a great opportunity to show their support and to promote their Diversity and Inclusion programs to employees and potential employees, students and to customers across the US (and beyond).

Barefoot Swag offers a wide variety of items with a stock rainbow background that we can add your logo to, such as these rainbow can coolers which are perfect, lightweight giveaways for outdoor events.  Hot summer days lend themselves to hand fans – a popular swag item that also offers a large imprint area for your message.  Slab bracelets or bead medallions are ideal for parade toss items.

T shirts and hats are popular items for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives within a company, college or university.  Tie dye shirts offer a fun option, or we can use the same imprint color on a variety of shirt colors.  Complete the look by matching hats to shirt colors or create a rainbow of hats with such styles as this trucker cap available in many colors.

Items with a full color imprint option, such as these microfibers, allow you to get creative with the imprint and incorporate your logo and message along with a custom background on the imprint area.  Tote bags, hats, adhesive notes, magnets, clips and more can offer a digital imprint to give you a full color option.

Need more ideas or want to know what options are available for your corporate branding for Pride?  Call or email us today and we will put options together that fit your needs and budget.


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Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone

That safe space…the Comfort Zone.  Frequently when we set goals we still work within our comfort zone.  That “good stretch” zone.   Even setting goals I feel we often choose goals that stay in our comfort zone.  Ones we know we can achieve if we just work really hard.

Silhouette of a girl practicing yoga

Sunday I was doing my youtube yoga.  I needed to step up my yoga game so I found a class that was a deeper stretch and much more intense than what I normally do.  It was way beyond my comfort zone.   It started out with many of the same poses and flows and I normally do, then the instructor kicked it up.   In the middle of an intense pose I was determined  I couldn’t do it.  My leg was in a really weird position and I was resisting giving in.  In my head I was already thinking that I would just go back to one of the sessions I like, one that is an intense workout, one I know I can do, but it still pushes me just a little.  Then I realized I wasn’t breathing. At all.  A major no-no in yoga.  No, I wasn’t comfortable in the pose, but I realized the discomfort was more that I was scared I couldn’t stay in the pose and hold it rather than it physically hurting.  So, was my resisting going to get me to my goal? Nope.  So I breathed. Deeply.  A few times.  I concentrated on the pose, my breath and being in the moment.  And I realized that even though I was far beyond what I considered comfortable, and especially far beyond what I thought was within my ability as a yogi, I was actually holding the pose (albeit shakily), holding my form and that the stretch, while uncomfortable, actually felt really good.  It empowered me to finish a workout that not only took me well beyond my comfort zone, but made me realize that the pipe dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor needs to be moved over to my goal  list.


What is your safe “comfort zone”?  Is that where you set your goals?  What can you achieve if you pause,  breathe, and allow yourself to get to the “good uncomfortable” stretch that takes you beyond what you think is possible?   Do something new today that you have always been a little scared to do.  Set a goal that is a big stretch.  And know that you can achieve it.

yoga mat yoga block with logo

Check out our imprinted yoga accessories (like this kit) perfect for corporate health and wellness campaigns, goal setting retreats or corporate events.


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Beginner’s Guide on How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

On occasion we get asked to print a design that includes a logo or design that is copyrighted. We either turn down the job or ask the client to remove the copyrighted logo (we don’t want to get sued y’all). Here is a great guide to making sure your logo or design does not include copyrighted material.

With the rise of viral street art, pop art and popular inspirational slogans – it’s not surprising that 64 percent of professionals had work stolen over 200 times in 2016. Knowing whether a design includes copyrighted material could mean the difference between success and a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, there’s no one site that houses every protected image or vector for you to check before you start printing. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to navigate.

How to Tell if Something Is Copyrighted

As a basic guideline, any work published after Jan. 1, 1978, is automatically copyrighted from creation to 70 years after the artist’s death. Anything published before Jan. 1, 1978, was required to be registered with the Copyright Office, and includes a notice of copyright © on the work. Here’s what that means:

  • Any work published before Jan. 1, 1923 is in the public domain…

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5 Swag Ideas for Races and Marathons

I participated in a local 5K/10K run this last weekend. Don’t get excited- I wasn’t running. My job was manning one of the water stations along the 10K course.  I’m not gonna lie, the fact there was a free beverage for the runners and volunteers after might have been a motivating factor in me volunteering as it was being held at one of my favorite breweries.  But still, the dedication to training and running the participants displayed truly amazed me.

After months of training, runners take pride in completing races and marathons and love to show off their success and participation.  As a race planner, one of the more challenging tasks you face is planning (and filling) the race swag bag.  At Barefoot Swag, we work with a lot of non-profits, charities and other entities on their races and marathons.  We will add your race or marathon logo to promotional items or give you options that sponsors can use for the race day swag bags.

We put together our top 5 items to get you started in your planning:

  1. T-shirts.  Race T’s (or tanks) for runners and volunteers top the list of most popular items.  Using a great brand of T will ensure that the shirts are worn frequently, increasing the visibility of your cause as well as bringing more ROI to sponsors.

  2. Lip Balm.  Hands down one of my favorite promo items.  Bees wax or all natural lip balm is economical, light weight and offers a great imprint area on the label.  Available in a wide variety of flavors (or even custom flavors), custom lip balm is perfect for sponsors to add to race swag bags.

  3. First Aid Kits–  kits that contain items the runners may have left behind or might need such as bandaids, sunblock and muscle gel are handy and very much appreciated.   Don’t forget to arm the volunteers along the course with a few kits for runners in need.

  4. Cooling headbands- Cooling headbands are a must have for warm weather races.  They not only wick moisture and offer sun protection, but they can be wet before the race starts to help keep runners cool longer.

  5. Runners Belts (or fitness belts) are a sleek alternative to the fanny pack and allow runners to keep keys, cell phone and other necessities comfortably with them during the race as well as when they are training.

For additional ideas specific to your race or marathon that fit your needs and budget call or email us at Barefoot Swag.

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Let Your Uniqueness Shine

It was a beautiful spring weekend at our Barefoot Swag office here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  It has been a busy, hectic and, often, overwhelming month of  getting our clients set up with the perfect swag.  We set lofty goals for the year and are well on the way to achieving them and that means long hours, spending hours catching up on work on the weekends and just generally trying to make sure we don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

I needed some time to regroup, and this weekend was perfect for that.  Burnout is real folks, no matter how much you love what you do.   I spent Friday and Saturday painting (because when work comes first, second and third, there is no time to do anything other than the basics at home).   But I still took time out on Friday (while waiting for paint to dry) to take a nice hike with a friend.  Nature has always been my happy place.  Being outside, especially in the woods, is peaceful, calming and grounds me in a way nothing else does.

Sunday’s weather was perfect for an afternoon in the gardens at Biltmore Estates (if you haven’t visited The Biltmore in Asheville, go. It is amazing and the grounds are beautiful).  The gardens are always vibrant with color and and the seasonal blooming flowers are meticulously maintained.  The tulips in the spring are striking, with beds planted in solid colors or colors that are striking together (purple and red tulips with white daffodils was one of my favorites).  When I got back and looked at the pictures I was impressed with my photography skills (the fact the pictures weren’t blurry was a big deal).  But one picture really stood out.

First, I really liked it because I love yellow flowers, which is odd because I don’t like the color yellow in anything else (I’ve never owned a yellow garment in my life. Ever).  But nature does yellow in a way that cannot be replicated.  But then, when I looked at it again, I saw it.  In a field of beautiful, bright yellow blooms, there was that one single tulip that wasn’t.  It wasn’t solid yellow, it wasn’t just like the other, it was right there in the middle, shining in its uniqueness- stripes of bright red in sharp contrast to the surrounding sea of yellow.

yellow tulips.jpg

As I stared at the picture, it reminded me that we all need to embrace our uniqueness, to let it shine, not hide it away.  Both in our personal lives and in our businesses.  Society, other business owners, teachers, customers and even TV try to tell us that standing out isn’t good.  We need to blend in, do business the way our competitors do.  While that may be the case with some of the basics, don’t be afraid to step out of the box, be a little unique, even it if is a little scary.  Don’t just push the boundaries, move them.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?  In our industry (and probably many others), the standard answer is “our customer service.”  Well, if that is your answer as well as the answer of 75% of your competitors, that isn’t your unique attribute.  Keep in mind that your uniqueness can be emphasized in many different ways.   You could shine in how you get your product to market, your social media “voice”, the experience you give your customers at trade shows.

What is unique about your brand, your product or your company?  How are you marketing that?

What are you going to do this week to show your bright red stripes, to fly your freak flag, to embrace the unique that is you, to not hide behind a sea of yellow, but to shine in everything that you (and your brand) are?

At Barefoot Swag we can help you stand out from your competitor with creative marketing ideas.  Just email or call to discuss creative ideas to fit any budget.

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Planning Ahead For April Promotions

Spring is upon us (even though the weather seems to be confused across most of the country).  Now is the time to look ahead to what marketing opportunities are coming up in April that offer tie-in opportunities.

The month of April is:

Keep America Beautiful Month (an inexpensive tie in would be auto litter bags )

Stress Awareness Month (check out this relaxing lotion)

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (key ring light with emergency whistle)

National Cannabis Awareness Month (several ideas here)

Garden Month (seed packets are perfect for direct mail)


Fun days to plan promotions around are:

April Fool’s Day

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

Easter Sunday

National Walk to Work Day

 National Beer Day

National Coffee Day

Golfer’s Day

Volunteer Recognition Day

420 Day

National Pet Day

Earth Day

Make Lunch Count Day

Administrative Professionals’ Day

Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day

Arbor Day

Call or email us for ideas on ways to tie your brand and logo into these event with creative promotional products.

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