How To Reach Customers When Your Event Is Cancelled

As of this writing we are in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and people are still uncertain about the best ways to protect themselves and their employees. We (and many of our clients) are dealing with delays in inventory being shipped from China. Hand sanitizer and face masks are flying off the shelves and large events are being cancelled left and right.

When much of your marketing budget is allocated for a big trade show, conference or convention and you are counting on the revenue you would gain from attending, how do you compensate for that loss of potential revenue if an event is cancelled- even it if isn’t because of corona virus? What do you do with all the brochures, giveaways and other collateral you have ready? How do you still get your message out if this was your big event of the year?

We can help..

If attendees have already registered and you can purchase an attendee list (or possibly the organizers will provide this for free since the event was cancelled), you can do some creative direct mail pieces to everyone on the list or pick and choose the companies or contacts you want to target.

What mail you open first? A plain envelope or something bulky? Regular mail or Fedex? A postcard or a metallic padded envelope? Think about your mail piece the same way you would think about drawing someone into your trade show booth. Make the invitation to open the piece (come into your booth) unique and enticing.

Let’s say you are going to do a mass mailing to everyone that signed up to attend. Maybe this is a first round of mailings to get a response. A bulky padded envelope grabs attention- especially if it is colorful or unique in some way. Mailing tubes are an unexpected mailing piece that stands out as do unique shaped boxes (really boxes of any kind). How fun are these message in a bottle mailers (yes, you can mail it with just a label and postage on the bottle), seed paper envelopes or just large packs of seeds (forget me nots or money plant could be fun tie in). Maybe you already purchased the swag items you were going to giveaway at your booth. What do you do with those now? Let’s attach them to a postcard or put them inside a card and get them in the hands of your potential customers! There are so many options and creative ways to send mail pieces that will pique interests and get your message across. Let us help you come up with the perfect solutions to fit your needs.

Choose your giveaway item and we will custom cut the foam for perfect fit for your direct mail piece.

Perhaps you want to target a smaller set of potential clients or your goal for the convention was to meet with your current top customers to let them know about a new products or service you offer. Video brochures are an excellent way to get that message in the hands of your clients. We can print the outside and inside with your custom message and the video will start playing when they open the brochure up. With such a unique and custom approach, it is sure to get the attention you are looking for.

Put your whole trade show booth in a box! We can custom print the inside or outside of the shipping box (how fun would it be to print it to look like your booth!) and you can fill it with collateral material, product samples and, of course, your trade show booth giveaway. This gives you the opportunity to get exactly the material you want in your client’s or potential client’s hands. These kits can be sleek and elegant, fun and creative, play on the fact the show was cancelled, focus on a product- the possibilities are endless.

Custom print your presentation box to really grab attention. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles for a perfect fit for your custom kits.

Trying to drive traffic to your website? Let us print a QR code on postcards or a small item or create a promotion that will entice them to a landing page on your website. Have them fill out a short form so you can mail them the trade show swag they missed at your booth. Directing them to your website with the offer of a gift can help you generate traffic, capture important contact information, qualify the leads and make up revenue lost from a cancelled show. This also gives you the opportunity to offer a gift you might not otherwise give away at your booth because of size, price point or travel restrictions. Think fun and useful items like umbrellas, coolers or coaster sets.

Tying in your product to your message or theme makes your presentation memorable. “We won’t let a cancelled show rain on our parade” printed on the outside of the box with raindrops opens up to a useful umbrella (or the promise of an umbrella sent to them if they visit your website!)

Think about the budget you had allocated to the show- now let us help you take that budget and create a promotion to get in front of all those customers and make up lost revenue. We are here to brainstorm with you and your team and create a marketing campaign to make the best of this difficult situation.

Call or email us today so our team can get started on creative ideas for you! 866-247-4320

Best Conference & Trade Show Giveaways

We have had a lot of previous blogs about giveaways for conventions and trade shows (such as here and here). Trends are constantly changing and where new swag ideas used to be introduced twice a year, we now have a constant stream of new products to put your logo on.

We are asked at least once a week what the top new swag is or what the best idea is for giveaways- but honestly, there is no one (or even two) right answers. It completely depends on your business, your brand, your target market, the event AND your budget. When you call or email for ideas, we will have questions- the more information you can give us, the better we can drill down to find the best item(s) for you to put your logo on that will give you the best ROI.

Keep in mind that if you are exhibiting where people will be traveling to get to you, the best items are going to be small and easy to pack into a carry on or useful while they are at the show or in that city. Snack food items, convention first aid kits and good quality lip balm are popular items that can be used at any convention, dropped into swag bags or handed out at trade show. A bowl full of branded mints on your table is always appreciated (especially by those that have to endure the “close talker” with halitosis) or tins of mints fit conveniently in a purse or pocket. Another favorite, especially for women’s conferences or during the winter, are mini tissue packets.

Choose a snack like this trail mix with your logo on a business card magnet affixed to the bag for added longevity of your message.

New swag items that are popular this year are reusable straws in either stainless steel or silicone. The imprint area tends to be very small on these unless you print on a case or bag, but they are perfect for any environmentally friendly message or event. Web cam covers are one of the top trade show giveaways this year for multiple reasons. They are small, inexpensive and help ensure safety & security- and your message is in full view every day. Flat multi tools are new this year and a unique items that works great for many industries. They come in a protective metal case that we imprint with your logo and a sturdy metal strap.

Multi tool with case and wire strap

Conferences and trade shows lend themselves to note taking (I refer back to notes I take at shows for up to a year). Notebooks and journals are a useful giveaway, especially with unique features. This notebook has a front pocket that can keep a cell phone, business cards, power bank handy. Spiral notebooks make note taking easy and adding a full color front page showing through the cover can feature your event logo as well as the schedule for easy access. Or ask us how to add a custom tip-in page in other notebooks that you can imprint with more information on your company or products or with a full schedule of event sessions. A favorite in the Barefoot Swag office are stone paper notebooks such as this one. Not only is it an eco-friendly option, the paper offers a really smooth writing experience- it is really incredible. The paper is also extremely resilient and functional – waterproof, tear resistant, and smudge resistant- great for the construction industry, outdoor events or uses and anything that needs swag that is more rugged and durable.

Tech items are always a huge hit. Power banks, charging cables, microfiber cleaning cloths,, USB drives and more. View a variety of tech related swag here.

For more ideas on trade show, convention or conference swag and giveaways, visit our website and check out our Top Convention & Trade Show Giveaways page. Or give us a call or email us and we will put together ideas based on your business, the event and your budget.