Tradeshow Planning- Booths and Displays

Tradeshow Planning One Step at a Time
Tradeshows are an inevitable part of business.  No matter what the size of the event, local community festival or a large industry only trade show, planning is key.
We have a series of blogs that will focus on different aspects of planning an effective trade show.  Today we will focus on Step One-  tradeshow booth and trade show display options.
The first thing you need to decide is what you are hoping to achieve.  If you are exhibiting at a community event then that may be simply to get your information into as many hands as possible.  Maybe you want to get contact information for small business owners.  At an industry trade show, perhaps your focus is to draw sales managers to your booth.  Once you know what your goals are it becomes easier to decide what you need to do to get the results.
Tying a theme into your exhibit is a fun way to draw attention to your booth and generate excitement with attendees.  Think of ideas such as a Doctor theme where staff is dressed in lab coats or scrubs and your product or service “cures what ails you”.  Or a baseball theme because you help clients “hit a home run”.   Extending a theme throughout your booth with the backdrop, table covers and handouts makes a memorable experience for attendees.
Total tradeshow exhibit package
Booth design can vary- but at the very minimum should include an imprinted table cover (fitted, adjustable or standard).  From there you can add banners and signage (retractable, table top, floor) and backdrops.  Draw attention to yourself at outdoor events (and protect yourself from the sun or rain) with a pop up tent.  Choosing a backdrop frame and banner stands with graphics that can be easily replaced allows you to upgrade your exhibit for future events as needed without having to start from scratch again (and saves money).
Indoor/outdoor sail signs will make you stand out from other exhibitors.  And if you need a place to display literature besides stacking it on a table, check out these options.
Other options for your trade show booth include balloons, event arches, podium and even lights for your display. 
Custom shape product ad inflatable
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we can take your ideas and help turn them into a memorable trade show booth for all your event and exhibits.  Call or email us today to let us get started working on ideas to fit your needs and budget. or 866-2474320