Earth-Friendly Bamboo Sport Shirts

This could just possibly be THE Perfect Golf Shirt for 2008!

I was intrigued when I heard Port Authority was coming out with eco-friendly shirts made from bamboo fabrics. The timing was great, too, since this is the time of year when I’m keeping my eye out for golf shirts to recommend for my clients.

I’ll admit I was surprised when I first felt the material – it was nicer than I expected it to be. Soft, kind of silky with a nice sheen to it. But once I tried it on, that was it – this is one comfortable shirt, regardless of what it’s made of!

But comfort is just the beginning. This eco-friendly material has all sorts of great properties that make this shirt a great performer. It’s breathable and moisture-wicking, perfect for warm weather. It’s UV-resistant, protecting the wearer from harmful rays. It’s also naturally odor-resistant and antimicrobial, and it comes in a nice palette of colors.

Best of all, it’s priced at under $30.00 (with embroidery included) and comes in both Mens and Ladies sizes. This is a great shirt for employees, even if they don’t golf… it will keep them looking (and smelling) crisp, clean and professional even on the hottest days of Summer.

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New BioDegradable Pen

I spent a few days last week at the ASI Show in Las Vegas. There were about 600 product lines displayed, at it became clear very quickly that green, eco-friendly and sustainable swag is THE HOT TREND in this industry. Virtually every product line is quickly adding eco-friendly choices, and it’s exciting to see so many cool items being offered that are also sustainable.

We were given a sample of this pen when we registered, and I really like it. It’s called THE ECO (pretty original name – not!). I’ve cut and pasted the technical information about the pen in the next paragraph. What I like is that it’s a good looking pen, it writes very nicely and it’s eco-friendly without that ‘granola’ look of the recycled cardboard type pens. It’s also under $1.00, putting it within reach of any eco-friendly company’s budget.

The Eco is 100% Biodegradable material in which the Mater Bi Class Y/C is a composting material. If the water content is sufficiently high, the Micro-organisms start to consume the nutritional substances, that is, degrade the organic molecules, producing carbon dioxide, water and heat (biodegration), in about 90 Days. This is the NEWEST GENERATION of Biodegradable Pens.

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