Light Up Your Marketing

Too many (way too many) times we hear “I just need something to give away with my logo on it”. It causes us pain. Severe pain. With just a little creativity and thinking outside the box, you can tie your branding or message into the item you are giving away, which greatly increases your ROI. Talking to us about your product, service, event, end users and more will enable us to suggest swag that is not only useful, but the perfect vehicle for your message. Today we are going to look at ways to “light up” your branding while tying it into your product or service.

One of our most popular categories on our website is “Ideas under $3”. With that in mind, let’s look at some inexpensive lights that can be used for a variety of branding purposes.

Keyring flashlights make a great small gift for car dealerships, a way to promote a safety message to students on campus or inexpensive trade show handouts. The classic keylite offers great space for your message. Or choose an option with additional useful features like this keyring flashlight with a bottle opener. Styles such as these flat lights make excellent direct mail pieces or we can afix them to a card or other backer for additional space for your message. For more options under $3, visit our website and enter Flashlight in the search box, then sort by price (low to high).

In addition to bottle openers, there are many flashlights that come with tool options such as this screwdriver set, this LED light multitool or one with an added tapemeasure. Depening on the tools added these can make excelling closing gifts or Realtors, promotional items for the construction industry, or tradeshow giveaways for home improvement shows.

LED or COB bulbs provide brighter light, making these flashlights the perfect swag idea for safety programs or to promote a safety message. And think of all the creative ways you can tie a safety tagline or message into your marketing with these compact, but bright aluminum flashlights or this rechargable tactical light. These COB lights are perfect for keeping in the car. Check out more LED lights we can put your logo on here and COB lights here.

Hands free headlamps aren’t often thought of when thinking about flashlights, but these items can be perfect if your target market is runners, marathoners, mechanics, dog walkers or others that need both hands free, but also need a functional light to work by or just to be safe.

Workplace safety is an important issue to address. Whether you are wanting to reduce lost time accidents, increase awareness of safety issues or just promote general safety, a name brand flashlite such as maglite can do just that. Available in many sizes, alone or in sets, Maglite also make excellent client and employee gifts.

Once you choose your branded flashlight, tying it into your marketing or message is the next step. Check out these tagline and slogans to get you started:

“We make your ________ shine”

“Let us shine a light on YOU (your home, your business, etc).”

“We put you in the spotlight”

“Let us brighten up your home (office, life, teeth, etc)”

“Lumens…we put that s*&^ on everything”

“We aren’t a FLASH in the pan”

“XXX and You. We are brighter together”

“Be Bright. Be Bold. Be Safe”

“Keeping you safe day and night”

“Being prepared is being safe”

“You are the reason we shine”

“See us in a whole new light”

Contact us today for more ideas (and possibly corny tag lines). 866-247-4320

The Versatility of Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a coin-like item that is normally used to recognize an individual and sometimes a team or organization. The coins got their origins in the military where the coins were given to soldiers as recognition or reward for completing a challenge, hence the name Challenge Coin.

Read more about the history of the challenge coin inĀ this informative article.

Custom Challenge Coins with a variety of decorating methods.

In addition to the military, police, government & fire departments frequently use coins, especially for acts of bravery. But these can also be used by private organizations to recognize a milestone like an anniversary, hitting a goal, completing a large project or even used as a business card (the kind that won’t get tossed in the trash!). Each President of the United States has their own challenge coin they present to individuals at their own discretion such as foreign heads of state, dignitaries and military personnel.

We have had clients use them as mementos for incentive trips, embellishing one side with each year’s location, making each year unique. Using coins this way creates a small, easy to display reminder of each trip qualified for- and is a subtle reminder to keep working toward the goal of the next trip!

Other ideas of ways to use Challenge Coins in your business, school or organization:

  • Volunteer appreciation
  • Meeting/exceeding sales goals
  • Safety awards
  • Given to members of a club or organization
  • Alumni gifts
  • Recognition of athletes (individual or team)
  • Commemorate retirement
  • Attendance gifts for special events
  • Fund raiser
  • Brand re-launch
  • Years of service awards
  • Commemorate an anniversary

Traditionally the “challenge” part of the coin is that everyone should carry their coin at all times and if they are challenged to show their coin and can’t present it, they have to buy a round of drinks. Although this is not appropriate for a work environment, tying the challenge portion in creatively can be a fun way to keep employees focused on a goal or objective. For example, if your goal is no lost time accidents, hand out coins to all employees. When they are randomly observed doing tasks in the correct & safe way AND they have their coin on them, they receive a small reward. There are many ways to tie the challenge into the coin to achieve goals if that is your objective.

We have worked with many businesses & organizations in developing Challenge Coin programs. Our options include both import and USA Made coins. Decorating options include digital print, 3D printing, die struck & die cast, enamel fill and more. While coins are traditionally round, we can also do custom shapes as well. We will work with you to find the best option for your project. Click here to see some of our options then contact us today to get started with ideas. 866-247-4320