Going Green Spiral Notebook

Spiral notebooks made from recycled materials are nothing new, so you may be wondering why I’m featuring this one on the blog. There’s one small (but important) detail that makes this one unique… Graph Paper!

Each of the 50 pages of recycled paper in this notebook is two-sided. Side A is lined, but Side B is graph paper. This makes it a GREAT notebook for certain types of businesses, such as architects, designers, builders and engineers. Since so many of these types of firms are embracing sustainability, this is a very useful green item that lends itself extremely well to their businesses.

The 6×9 size is large enough to really be useful but still compact enough to travel well. The outer hardboard cover is kraft brown & is bound with black twin-loop wire. All components are made of recycled materials. Each page bears a small ‘recycle’ symbol and Goingreen(TM) at the bottom. Minimum order is 100 books with a price point between $4-$6 depending on quantity.

These would be a fantastic item for training classes at large companies, or for industry conferences. They’re also a perfect item for colleges of engineering, architecture or design – either for sale at the campus bookstore or to be used as ‘giveaway swag’ at recruitment events. They’d also be a useful, thoughtful and inexpensive client gift for real estate agents, home inspectors or appraisers.


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Thanks for reading & keep checking back for more new, unique and eco-friendly swag ideas. Have a great day!!

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