Marketing ideas for pet health and safety

A lot of our blogs recently have been focused on health items (see here) or workplace safety programs (see here) and thought it might be time to focus on the health and safety of our beloved pets.
We are all big animal lovers here at Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection.  Between the three of us we have 11 pets, 10 of which are rescues (Adopt, Don’t Shop!).  Here are our office babies:
  Sandra's pups            Jake & Ozzy
Sandra’s pups snoozing in our Portland, OR office                   Rhonda’s guys dressed for winter in Columbus, OH
(Angel, Diego & Javier)                                                         (Jake & Ozzy)
Britni’s adorable guys in Grand Rapids, MI (Scooby & Jax)
And then there are these four felines of Rhonda’s
(Emma, Eli, Sam & Abby)
Marketing to pet owners through items that are helpful and useful to their four legged kids is a great way to keep your brand and message in front of your clients.  These make great items for community events, Veterinarian or Animal Hospitals, Pet Stores and manufactures or distributors of pet items.
collapsible pet water bowl pet swag           emergency pet rescue decal pet swag        pet first aid bandana pet swag
Collapsible Water Bowl          Emergency Rescue Decal          First Aid Bandana
pet collar reflective light clip       pet paw wipes pet swag giveaways       pet first aid kit pet swag pet giveaway
Reflective collar or leash tags                               Pets wipes                               Pet First Aid Kits
For a broad range of pet swag click here
Whether you need ideas to market your pet grooming business, giveaways for a grand opening of a pet store or to help promote a rescue group we can put together ideas that will fit your needs, stay within your budget and get your marketing message across.  Contact us for all your pet swag needs!       866-247-4320