Fishing for Marketing Ideas

Growing up in the rural south with a  Dad and Brother that considered all sports to consist of hunting or fishing (there was no football, basketball or any other organized sport on the TV at our house) it was pretty inevitable that I learned to fish at a young age.   I often find myself trying to find a solution to a fishing “need” by digging through the samples in my office. These items can be branded for giveaways to fishermen (or women) to market your business, products or fishing guide services.  Or you can add your logo and sell them in your fly shop, bait shop or store

Waterproof pouch for fishing or boating


This is one of my favorite items and I often carry more than one.  This waterproof pouch works perfectly for phone and keys, but it also holds other items I don’t want to get wet, such as my fishing license, small camera, lip balm and expandable wipes (more on these below).  With a breakaway lanyard, it can safely be worn around the neck or slipped into the pocket of a fishing vest.  For a larger option go with this 10″ x 8″ waterproof pouch.  Or, this small pouch is the perfect size to hold just a fishing or hunting license and slip into a pocket.

Floating lanyard for sunglasses or magnifying glasses

These floating lanyards come in a wide selection of colors perfect for adding your logo.  Obviously they work for sunglasses, but can also keep the magnifying glasses needed for tying on new line or a new lure handy and safe.

Clip on flashlight for hats
                                           Flashlight with clip and rotating head

Most of the time I’m fly fishing, but not always.   Even then sometimes I’m either getting my gear out or putting it back in the vehicle in the dark or near dark.  Having a flashlight is handy and this one does double duty.  It can clip to a cap for nighttime fishing or can clip to waders or  inside the vehicle while getting gear in and out.  With a rotating head and a clip, this one is really handy.

Bio-degradable compressed towels

I mentioned these above and it’s one of my “must have” items.  These are small compressed towels that expand when you get them wet.  They are perfect to carry in one of the waterproof pouches above and make it easy to wipe off hands or arms (after navigating creek banks covered in poison oak) once you are out of the water.

Call or email us today for more information on these items or additional swag ideas to help you market to anglers of all types.