Changing & Adapting

Last week I had the opportunity to make a trip back to Ohio to meet with some clients.  I took advantage of the opportunity to have a couple extra days to see my friends.  There were lunches, drinks, impromptu get togethers, more drinks.  It was a fantastic time and much needed on my part.  However, the same topic came up with almost every friend I talked to. Change. Specifically change related to technology.

At lunch my first day we talked about how different it is for kids today than when we were young (although we are all childless).  Parents have to be much more diligent about keeping track of where their kids and are what they are doing than ever before.  

Later I met another friend and her boyfriend where we got on the topic of aging parents and what technology has brought us to help us understand and be better equipped to help them.

The following day I stopped by my old neighborhood at an open house my Realtor was holding.  We were talking about Alexa and my Realtor made a comment that at some point she’s just going to be done with new technology and just be content with what she knows now.

It made me think, how much change is enough?  Or it is ever enough?  Personally, I love learning new things, trying new technology, taking advantage of ways to make tasks easier.  But I also see that with those changes it brings a new level of expectations, urgency and “need it now” mentality.  Sometimes that can be exhausting.

For me, about the only thing I can imagine that I don’t want any part of (at this point, anyway) is self driving cars.  No, thank you.  But I’m excited to see what advances we make in technology.  It’s already difficult to fathom what else there could be or how much more advanced we can get, but I know there is more to come and it is exciting.  From a business perspective I’ve always felt that if you resist change, then you are setting your business up to fail. Change is going to happen and if you are not constantly on the edge and learning new technology, new ways of doing business and keeping up with your clients needs, someone else will.  And you are going to be sitting in your office wondering why the fax machine isn’t spitting out orders any more.

Just in the promo industry alone the advances are great- digital printing has changed the game for adding logos to items.  Only a few short years ago printing a full color logo was practically impossible, or at least so expensive that it didn’t make sense for most companies.  Today it is easy to get a full color logo onto just about any swag you want at a reasonable price.

Bluetooth is everywhere and can be incorporated into a lot of tech swag items.  Speakers, headphones, even coolers and patio umbrellas with built in bluetooth speakers get your brand out in a tech-savy way.

Adding interactive elements to giveaways is gaining popularity as well.  QR codes that can be scanned and go straight to a website or augmented reality added to product labels, coasters or other items increase interaction with your product or brand.

Where are you with technology?  Are you still holding tight to your flip phone or do you embrace new technology with wide open arms?

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