OSC (Oh So Cool) Floating Sunglass Lanyard & Key Tag

Those that love the water, whether it be boating, fishing or surfing, know that “oh crap” moment when your glasses (or heaven forbid, your keys) hits the water.  Save everyone from that heart stopping moment while promoting your business or brand with these brand new floating eyewear retainers and key chains.  Not only are they functional, but they are super cool- making you super cool when you add your logo.

The designers took a “less is more” approach to the lanyard design, creating a retainer that is functional, durable, lightweight and comfortable.  Being coast dwellers, they understand the importance of all these features and designed a product they wanted to wear.

Korkz eye wear retainer

The corks used are #9 natural corks (not pressed) that are purchased domestically.  The assembly and decoration are completed right here in the US- in North Carolina.  Your logo is laser engraved on 1 or 2 sides of the cork, creating a beautiful piece you will be proud to to show off. The laser imprint will not wear off and the cork is UV resistant, keeping your brand looking good for a long time.  We can also add custom packaging with hanger bags for a convenient point of sale item.  These can make a great add-on sale item- they aren’t just for giveaways!

cork sunglass floating lanyard

The cork floating eyewear retainer is perfect for marinas, boat manufacturers, fly shops, fishing guide services, resorts, company retreats, cruise lines, travel agents and so much more.  Anywhere there are people and water these sunglass lanyards will save a lot of grief.  Of course, sunglasses aren’t the only use- these are perfect for “cheater glasses” as well.  I wear my sunglasses when fishing to help cut the glare on the water, but then I can’t see to tie a fly on my line.  So the cheater glasses AND the sunglasses are on a Korkz lanyard.  They are so lightweight that having 2 is not a problem.

korkz eyeglass lanyard

Sometimes we want to protect other items besides our sunglasses when around water (or just have a cool key chain).  That’s where the Keez comes in.  Made from the same natural cork, this light weight key tag can be added to items beyond just keys.  While these are also great for any water related businesses or activities, the key chain will work well for wine tastings, wineries or wine shops, eco promotions and more.

cork key tag

These items are so new they aren’t even on our website yet!  Just give us a call or email us for more information and pricing.


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Bling Lanyards – A Bright Idea!

OK, I’ll admit these definitely aren’t for everyone… hard to imagine the “suits” walking around with rhinestone lanyards against their Brooks Brothers lapels… but they are a brand new item for the swag industry so I thought I’d tell you about them.

This is your basic promo lanyard, but embellished with little rhinestones to give them a whole new look. This decorating process has been around for years on t-shirts, caps and tote bags, so I guess it was just a matter of time before someone figured out it would look cool on lanyards too.

In terms of logo exposure, this makes perfect sense. Let’s face it, people are going to NOTICE these lanyards because they are so unique. The perfect demographic for these lanyards is girls and young women, who will tend to keep and wear these much more than they would a plain lanyard. As you can see in the photo above, they can also be done in a more understated way (like the red lanyard in the middle) to simply accent a logo instead of doing the whole imprint in bling… nice if you want both men and women to feel comfortable wearing them.

These would be a fun item for colleges, cheerleading camps, magazine launches, cosmetic companies and conventions/tradeshows for the fashion, beauty or jewelry industries. They’d team up well with a ‘backstage pass’ marketing theme and would also be a fun item for any launch of a product, marketing initiative or brand that specifically targets young women.

This item is custom-quoted for each project; there’s no pricing available online. If you’re interested in a custom quote I’d be happy to help. My company is Swag Connection in Portland Oregon & my contact information is on my profile.

Thanks for reading & please tell others who buy corporate swag about my blog!