Which ball’s for you?: How to choose the right ball for your corporate or charity golf tournament

So what happens when you ask a non-golfing female to blog about golf balls?  She interviews her husband, searches for expert advice from her suppliers, and of course, she hits up Google!
Golf season is a big time in the promo world every year, and every year I’m left wondering how in the world can there be so many different golf balls out there?!  How can they vary so much in price?  And what makes everyone seem to want Titleist?  So this year I decided to answer my own questions, which will hopefully help all the other non-golfers out there charged with the task of buying golf balls for their corporate and charity tournaments.
Golf balls consist of roughly 3 categories:  Tour performance, mid-tier and value golfer.  Hopefully by explaining the differences and offering product suggestions for each category, buying golf balls for your next event will be a no-brainer!
The first category is the Tour Performance category.  These are 3-5 piece, multilayer balls with urethane covers.  This category represents about 55% of the custom logo market, with the Titleist ProV taking the majority of the category.  The ProV 1 offers more control and consistency, and the ProV 1X offers increased distance and reduced spin.  For anyone that’s putting on a serious tournament with experienced golfers, I’m told Titleist is the only way to go.  It’s the ball of choice for seasoned golfers and whether you do an entire box, a set of 3 in a Titleist Collection Can, or even a single ball, you’re sure to make a great and lasting impression.
The second category is the Mid-Tier.  These are typically 3-piece golf balls consisting of a core, mantle and cover.  The most popular in this category are the Titleist NXT and the Bridgestone e6 and they offer about the same feel and control but are more budget-friendly.  These also come in a range of packaging options offering different quantities.  One great option with professional packaging is the PackEdge Business Card Box with 2 Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls.  
The last category is the Value Golfer, made specifically for people like me!  These are 2-piece balls that are designed for distance, but are budget friendly enough that you won’t go broke because your amateur golfers keep losing them.    The Callaway Warbird 2.0 is a great, top selling option that offers a brand name people will recognize, but enough affordability that you can spend the extra money on other accessories.  With all the savings you’ll have, you could really step up your game by offering them a Callaway 6 Ball Fleece Pouch with 6 Callaway golf balls, 6 Callaway tees, 2 Callaway ball markers, and a Callaway divot tool in a soft, durable embroidered pouch.    
This post just scratched the surface of what’s out there!  With so many options, no wonder I’ve had such a hard time in the past deciphering between them all.  So if you need some guidance or ideas for custom imprinted golf balls for your next event, give us a call and I’m sure we can help you find just the right thing.