Lighted Credit Card Magnifier

There is a new product on the market that I think is very useful and a great promotional idea for many different kinds of companies. It’s a Card Sized Lighted Magnifier and Flashlight.

This great little tool magnifies and illuminates reading materials while also providing your company with high-impact branding. No matter who you market to they will be impressed with this cutting edge promo product.

Send out a mailing with a small message printed on it and include this gadget so the client gets to use it right away. They will think you are a marketing genius 🙂

It features a fully retractable, high quality, 3X magnifying lens as well as 2 super bright white LED lights which illuminate the magnified area. The LED lights also work when the magnifier is in the stored position, doubling as a flashlihgt. This product is small enough to fit in most wallets (same size as a credit card) and is made from high-impact plastic housing.

Minimum order starts at 100, which would make 100 lives a little easier. Give us a call or drop us an email if you would like some more information on this great new product.

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