Frost, Ice or Snow? No Problem.

Since my garage is still full of moving boxes, I walked out to a frosted windshield this morning.  Unfortunately, I don’t know which of those boxes contained the ice scrapers…so here I am blogging about that winter staple of the promotional world.  There is no better swag item to promote your business than one that is used and appreciated, and ice scrapers certainly fit both of those, making them an ideal seasonal promotional item.
Since scrapers come in a large selection of styles and a wide range of prices, we can find one to fit any need or budget.  Just let us know and we will help you find the perfect ice scrapers for your marketing needs.
Ice Scrapers under $1.00:
9 inch ice scraper under $1
9″ scraper

number 1 ice scraper swag
Iconic #1 shape

color changing ice scraper visor clip under $1 swag
Color changing scraper with visor clip


Full Color imprint:
7 inch ice scraper full color imprint swag     11.5 inch ice scraper full color imprint
Deluxe Scraper and Brushes:
foam handle ice scraper winter swag
Foam Handle Scraper
ice scraper sherpa mitt glove swag
Suede Mitt Ice Scraper
snow brush ice scraper winter swag ideas
Ice Scraper with Snow Brush
ice scraper snow broom winter swag ideas
Deluxe telescoping snow broom


Recycled Material Ice Scrapers:
Recycled material not available in all colors on website- contact us for details
recycled credit card ice scraper swag ideas       11.5 inch recycled ice scraper winter swag
If USA Made or Union Made is important, the majority of the ice scrapers above are a perfect solution.  Please contact us for more information on Union Made and Made in the USA swag items and ideas.

Rand McNally "Green Edition" 2008 Atlas

Promote your business while encouraging travel that respects the environment!
Rand McNally Road Atlases with custom covers have long been a favorite swag item for insurance agents, travel companies and other savvy marketers who want to keep their logo in front of clients and prospects. They’re one of the few swag items in the $5 price range that’s useful, classy and tends to be kept and used for years.

New for 2008 – the GREEN EDITION

Printed on 15% post-consumer recycled paper, this 80-Page Atlas features:

-Driving maps of US States & Canadian Provinces
-Maps of more than 40 major cities
-Introduction to traveling responsibly & eco-tourism
-Tips on traveling green (improving gas mileage, responsible camping)
-Mini-city guides for North America’s most walkable cities
-Overviews of major city public transit systems
-Introductions to carbon offsets & green hotels

Atlas is custom-printed with your logo or message on the cover, and each copy can be name-personalized as well. Deluxe protective vinyl and leather logo-embossed covers are also available to make this an extra special business gift or incentive.

With a minimum order of 100 atlases and priced between $4-$6, the Green Edition Atlas is a great eco-swag item for all sorts of businesses. Possible uses for this swag idea that come to mind are…..

-Car Dealers: Offer as a test-drive incentive
-Hotel Chains: Encourage summer travelers
-Auto Repair: Great gift for new or loyal clients
-Insurance Agents: A perfect gift for new auto insurance clients
-Real Estate Companies: Great gift for new homeowners

We offer the Rand McNally Green Edition 2008 Road Atlas, as well as the other items featured on our blog, for sale on our website:

Just go to our ‘Collections’ to see the items featured on this blog. While you’re there you can also search for swag ideas and check out our EcoSwag Collection. Buy online or call us for personal service. We’re here to help you find cool stuff for your logo!

Thanks for reading and keep coming back often for eco-friendly swag ideas!