Catch the Wave Highlighter

At the top of the swag heap are custom imprinted pens – they’re the top selling item in the promo swag business, believe it or not. And pens are great, we sell a lot of them. But when you want to stand out from the crowd, you can’t do the same old thing… so let’s talk about highlighters.

Here’s the problem with promo highlighters – most of them are either too big, too small, or try to be too many things at once. Those big tri-tip triangular ones have a large imprint area, but they’re awkward to use and they sure don’t fit in a pencil cup. The little mini ones are nice to carry around but they get lost easily and have a teensy weensy imprint area. And sorry, but I don’t like the pen/highlighter combos… the pens always seem to write crummy and the highlighter ends dry up too fast.

I’m a little picky about my highlighters, can you tell?

I love my Wave Highlighter. It’s the right size, with a nice curvy shape, and it fits comfortably in the hand. It’s cool-looking, with a futuristic rubberized gel body that frames the plastic part where your logo goes. It lasts for a LONG time without drying out, and it’s under a buck. It’s the perfect promo highlighter in my opinion!

And the messaging and marketing tie-ins are so easy – emphasize your ‘bright ideas’, ‘highlight’ your selling point, ‘mark your calendar’ for the big event… there’s so many ways to spin your messaging to work with this item in a marketing campaign. Isn’t this way more fun than you can have with a pen?!?

Dri-Mark makes this little gem, and I happen to love their line of promo swag in general. Everything is of excellent quality and they recently launched a line of promotional pens to go along with their huge selection of custom highlighters.

Here’s a link to the Dri-Mark website if you want to check out more details and pricing on the Wave Highlighter:

Interested in the Wave or other Dri-Mark promo swag for YOUR business? Dri-Mark doesn’t sell directly, but only through ASI distributors like Swag Connection (my company). If you need someone good to work with for YOUR promo swag, check us out at

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