Building A Online Store

Online stores for your company or association doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We breakdown some of the options below on how you can build an online store for a variety of different needs.

Employee Gifts is one of our most popular stores because it is so versatile and can be designed to fill a variety of needs.

When looking for an easy way to send gifts to all employees, we can design the store with a limited number of items that the employees can select from. Your employees can then go online (with a password) and look at all products to choose what they want. For example, a client offered their employees a choice between three different jacket styles, available in both mens and ladies, in two colors. We selected styles that were similar in price and available in a wide range of sizes. They also included three tech items that were in the same price range. This gave the employees six gifts to choose from. The store was open for shopping for two weeks. At checkout, employees entered their home address. Once the store closed, we batched all orders to decorate the items with the company logo, then drop shipped to the employees homes.

Client Gifts stores offer a way for companies with multiple locations (such as Bank, Insurance or Mortgage Lenders) to keep control over their brand and prevent items being ordered with a logo that does not fit brand guidelines. Items can be ordered by company emloyees to be handed out to clients or we can generate gift codes that are sent to clients as a thank you and they will be able to go online and select the item(s) they want. All items will be branded with your logo. Another way to do client gift stores is to order items in bulk and warehouse the products. Many companies don’t want the added expense of purchasing items in advance and warehousing costs. We can design a hybrid site that offers some items, such as those that are most popular or lower cost, in bulk that we can warehouse, then other items, such as apparel and tech items that would be print on demand. This helps cut up front costs and prevents leftover inventory if styles are changed or discontinued.

Association or Non-Profit budget is usually a major factor for this type of client and purchasing items in advance and warehousing them is not feasible. Not to mention, anticipating demand is very difficult. This type of online store is perfect for short term “sales” or special events. Stores can be created with a short (for example, two week) order window to create a sense of urgency. Once all orders are placed, items are printed and delivered. Another use is to offer a code to donors at a certain level so they can choose their own “thank you” gift. Adding in items various branches may need to purchase in bulk such as lapel pins, printed items such as brochures or t-shirts is another way to utilize this store.

New Hire/Onboarding store is a great way (especially with remote workers) to allow new hires to order the items they need. This is a perfect way to offer a choice between a t-shirt or sweatshirt and know that the items the employee gets is something they chose and will wear (and that it’s the correct size- because who wants to guess wrong on THAT). Adding in work related items such as a power bank, headphones, backpack, messenger bag or coaster set can give them additional choices. The onboarding store can be designed with a code so they have a specific budget to spend or you let them choose a set number of items. Or maybe they get some select items and get to choose the apparel item. These are custom designed, so we make it work for your New Hire needs.

Event Swag online events are huge and sometimes the hassle of swag for those events is just as huge. Take that hassle away with an online merch store for your events. These stores can be set up with redemption codes so attendees can log on to claim their “swag bag” which is then shipped directly to their home or office. This allows you to include not only any event swag such as a t-shirt, but also items from sponsors and any collateral material. Or, if you have merch you want to sell for the event, this is an excellent way to offer items for sell without having to estimate quantities or sizes. Items can be printed and shipped as they are ordered, saving you the up front investment for inventory and adding the convenience of not having to pick and ship items yourself.

Because we design each of our online stores based on your needs, they can be designed to fit a variety of merch, swag or gifting needs- from print on demand to warehousing, or a hybrid model.

Check out one of our sample sites here, then contact us today to discuss exactly what you are looking for and we can help you come up with a solution.



By now we’ve all heard the saying “extra”, which typically means someone or something is a bit over the top, dramatic, or excessive.  And while that might not be the best quality for a personality trait, it’s the PERFECT quality for a holiday gift meant to impress…which is where our food gifts come in! 

Initially, food gives people warm feelings.  It’s comforting, and tasty, so it instantly makes them happy.  This year we’re focusing on how to extend that good feeling beyond the holidays, transforming it into a lasting impression.  And we’ve identified two main ways to do that:  1) high-end quality and 2) food gifts combined with tangible, branded items.

HIGH-END QUALITY: Think about the last NICE gift you got. Was it name brand? Hand crafted? Super thoughtful? The latest trend? Now imagine giving someone a food gift that was all of those things! Our newest brand, Batch and Bodega, combines quality food from small-batch makers from across the country with branded swag to create a unique (and much loved!) gift experience. With different pricing tiers, you’re sure to find something that works with your budget!

Pictured here is the Hello There: Deluxe (JYQFI-NWKKS). It includes products from Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn, Byrd’s Cookie Company, Giddy Up Nuts, Martin’s Handmade Pretzels, Little Apple Treats, Grey Ghost Bakery, and a lovely journal from OrigAudio. The box comes fully customized, making a branded impression from the start! As with all of the B&B products, you can do this full kit at the top tier, or slide down to tiers 2 or 1 with a smaller selection of products to fit a more limited budget.

Maybe a virtual holiday happy hour is on your agenda? If so, the Speakeasy: Light (HZOKD-NWXJB) is the perfect option that will make everyone feel extra special. This kit includes bourbon cookies, salted caramels, Old Fashioned infused ice cubes, and a customized flask. Upgrade to tiers 2 or 3 to add mixers, additional ice cube flavors and coasters.

And I know we’re talking holiday gifts here, but let’s face it, birthdays are a big deal! Whether it’s your employee’s, your customer’s or even better, your company’s, birthdays are a time to celebrate. So why not do it with this kit?

The Yay, You!: Regular (VZOIA-NWXJS) includes birthday cake ice cream cones, cotton candy, marshmallows, rice crispy treat, and celebratory lapel pins, along with a personalized note. Upgrade to the Deluxe for an even bigger party and add party cracker cookies and sprinkles. What better way to say “we’re glad you’re here and a part of our world!”?

Whatever the occasion, let us pair you up with some Batch & Bodega goodness for a special and memorable treat all are sure to love!

FOOD + SWAG = LOVE: Food gifts are a crowd pleaser every time! But if you want to take it to the next level, and really extend your brand’s “shelf life”, pair food with branded swag.

Let’s start with a classic… a ham or turkey. Many companies hand these out to employees at the holidays as a sign of gratitude, not just to them, but their entire family (I mean come on, who can eat one of those things alone?!). Things are a little different this year and everyone isn’t in the office, so why not let us handle drop shipping a Honey Cured Boneless Ham with Bamboo Cutting Board (MUSHC-ILNYQ) for you? There are also options for a bone-in half ham, whole ham, or smoked turkey breast.

Speaking of family, why not treat them to a movie night in? They choose the movie and you provide the popcorn with this Movie Night Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set (BCVKH-NNRGX). This set includes a reusable popcorn popper, kernels and multiple seasonings, sure to tackle any snack craving! And when the movies DO open again, they can smuggle their own snacks in using their branded tote bag (but shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!).

The holidays are a time for parties! Help get things going with the Party Starter with Bamboo Cutting Board (ITUIH-JNMOT). A little sweet, a little savory, a LOT of happy! This set comes with a variety of nuts, meat, cheese, crackers, a cutting board and a meat/cheese knife. A shelf-stable option is also available, so it’s perfect for everyone!

I’m in Michigan, so when I think of holidays, I think of cold weather and snow. But the reality is, there’s a LOT of the US that is warm in the winter, and what better option for those folks than the Bodacious BBQ Gift Set (AVPKB-NTDWJ). It comes in 8 different color schemes and includes the Grill Master Apron (complete with a bottle opener, padded oven mitt and towel), Chicago Steak & Chop Seasoning, Kansas City Classic Rub, Athenian Herb Dryglaze, Vermont Grill Dryglaze, Santa Fe Dryglaze and an All Purpose Tote.

Sometimes a tasty little sweet treat is the perfect gift, and our Bite-Sized Delights (VZVNA-MWTWK) are no exception! This set (also available in a 6 pack) comes packaged in a reusable wooden crate that’s made in the USA, complete with your logo on the front, leaving a lasting reminder once the cookies are gone (and believe me, they won’t last long!).

So whether it’s a high class, handcrafted treat, a traditional ham with a cutting board, or a less traditional barbecue kit for the warm weather folks (or the grilling die-hards!), we’ve got you covered!! And no matter what you choose, all of these are sure to be appreciated, and most importantly, remembered.

Call or email today and we will help you find the perfect company holiday gifts.