Preparing for Earth Day Events

Earth Day offers a great opportunity to promote conservation at home and at work.  Even small changes make a huge impact on our environment so whether changes are made at home, in the community or in the workplace they all add up.

Tips to promote saving water:

  • Take shorter showers- this can save 5 gallons or more
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth- saves 3 gallons
  • Water lawn in the morning- saves 25 galons
  • Use a broom and not a hose- saves 150 gallons

5 Minute Shower timers are an excellent Earth Day giveaway to promote water conservation throughout the year.  These are a natural tie in for water companies, apartment complexes, hotels and more.

Encourage Employees & Staff to Go Green

  • Use lights only when you need them
  • Turn off your computer at the end of the day
  • Go paperless if & when possible
  • Bring your own reusable beverage cup
  • Carpool, use public transportation or bike to work when possible
  • Recycle

seed paper earth day

Tie in both an Earth Day promotion and a conservation message with seed paper.  The full color backing sheet can be custom printed with conservation tips and the shaped paper planted to grow earth friendly plants.

General Eco Friendly Tips

  • Unplug appliances and chargers when you aren’t using them
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Keep tires fully inflated
  • Program your thermostat
  • Use reusable items when possible -shopping bags, water bottles, cleaning cloths, sponges etc.
  • Recycle

compressed sponge earth day promotion

Compressed sponges are an economical giveaway for community events, home & garden shows or Earth Day events.  They also work well as direct mail pieces or envelope stuffers.  Available in a variety of shapes.

Contact us for more ideas for eco friendly, Earth Day or Arbor Day promotional ideas.


Plant a Tree Cards for Marketing Campaigns

At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we understand that there are times when a physical product is not the best option for your marketing campaign.  Luckily we have many items that can still get your message across that you can still brand, such as music or movie downloads, photo print cards, ebooks and more.  One of our favorites is the Treecycler rewards card.
These rewards show your commitment to sustainability and are a simple way to help customers go green.  Consumers will feel good about helping the earth by having a tree planted in their name in the reforestation project they choose.  With an interactive redemption experience, recipients are engaged and feel empowered  by discovering a project and helping those in need.  Since users can choose their location to plant a tree, they have a deeper, emotional connection to the action.
Here is the way one company used the plant a tree reward to promote awareness of their brand and mission:
Waste Management® initiated a new campaign entitled “Think Green” which focused on the company’s dedication to promote sustainability as well as being good neighbors to the environment. Eco-friendly topics have dominated our society as consumers young and old are more interested in environmentalism than ever before.
plant a tree rewards card eco swag
“Think Green” played on the desire to give something back to our environment by distributing Plant-A-Tree Cards to customers. Once online, Waste Management customers could choose to have a tree planted in one of many global reforestation projects, including within the United States. The promotion successfully contributed to further aligning the Waste Management brand with the desire to create a more eco-friendly community.
With the Plant-A-Tree rewards card program, native trees are planted through partnerships with multiple non-profit reforestation organizations.  For even more impact, you can print branded cards on recycled cardstock or even seed embedded paper that grows wild flowers when planted.
These trees may be planted domestically or internationally in the recipients choice of over 40 reforestation projects.  The program includes a branded digital “Thank You” message sent to your customer.  These are available for worldwide promotions.
Here is another example of how these cards were used:
Embassy Suites® takes their commitment to “Going Green” seriously, even having some of its hotels officially certified as Green Lodging. In looking for a creative way to introduce their new initiatives to local communities, they decided to help sponsor a community event and distributed custom branded eco-friendly, Plant-A-Tree Cards to attendees.
eco swag eco-swag plant-a-tree gift card
Each card, printed on recycled paper, directed consumers to go online and show their support by planting a tree in a global reforestation project. While redeeming the card at an Embassy Suites® branded site, attendees also had the opportunity to learn more about the hotels and even book a future stay. Then after redeeming the offer, they had the option to print out a certificate in honor of their planting. Plant-A-Tree Cards were a great way to enhance their brand’s public image as an eco-friendly company and increase their brand loyalty.
We can help you design an eco-friendly, green rewards program based on the number of trees you would like to offer.  You can even tier your rewards and offer (as an example) 1 tree, 3 trees and 5 trees to different levels of clients.
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