EcoSwag Idea – Bamboo Memo Clip

Here’s another great item that’s brand new for 2008, extremely cool looking as well as useful, and is sustainable swag to boot!

This bamboo memo clip measures about 4-3/4″ x 2″ and has a classy, understated appeal. It holds papers, pens and business cards securely and is great for use at either home or office. It’s priced at under $7 with a low minimum order of only 96 pieces.

The most common decoration is to have these laser engraved with your company logo, as shown, but what about taking it a step further and having them personalized? All you have to do is submit an Excel spreadsheet with the names of your recipients along with your order. It’s just a small extra cost and the WOW factor when people receive them is worth it… it goes from just another piece of swag to something they’ll keep practically forever.

I really like this item for architects and builders. What about using these to commemorate the completion of a Green Building project, or as a prospecting gift to pitch LEED certified projects?

It’s also a fantastic piece to do a targeted direct mail campaign with. I’ll use an example here for a flooring store seeking to build awareness for their lines of bamboo floors with commercial builders:

1. Obtain a good list of 100 local builders you’d like to work with
2. Order 100 clips with your logo & personalized with each prospect’s name
3. Insert a ‘romance card’ and your business card into each clip
4. On the ‘romance card’ tell them briefly about your bamboo flooring and your commitment to both service and sustainability
5. Mail the clips out in custom-printed mailers made of recycled cardboard(which we also sell)
6. Follow up with a personal phone call within a week of mailing to introduce yourself

This promotion would cost around $1,000 and would almost certainly pay for itself with only one or two new flooring orders. This is just one way to creatively use an item like this to increase your sales!

Here’s a link to the Leeds website with details and pricing for this item:

Leeds sells only through promotional product distributors like my company, Swag Connection. If you are looking for good swag ideas or would like to order this item, please feel free to contact me:

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