5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Direct Mailings

When considering using direct mail as a part of your marketing campaign it is important to sit down and think through your strategy. By making some careful choices, you can design an effect mail piece and increse your ROI beyond the typical .5-1% response rate.  Here are some of the basic ways to make sure you are desiging your post card, brochure, flyer or other direct mail piece to make it as effective as possible and generate the results you are looking for.

  • What is the primary purpose of your mailing?  Think about what is most important.  Don’t try to “kill two birds with one stone” and keep adding information.  Focus on one purpose.  That might be a Grand Opening, an End of Season Sale, a new addition to your staff or a new location.  With a clear purpose you will be able to create a bold, attention grabbing headline to entice the recepient to keep reading.
  • Where is your mailing list coming from?  Current contacts, a bulk mailing to a specific zip code or purchase a mailing list? If you are introducing a new product, service or staff member the mailing to your current list of contacts might make perfect sense.  However, if you want to reach new customers or clients this is not going to be the most effective means, possibly a bulk mail to a specific zip code would be a better choice.  Maybe you are opening a new business that has a very specific clientele (such as a pre school or luxury vehicle dealership).  Purchasing a mailing list that will narrow down the specific demographics you are looking for will greatly increase your response rate.
  •  Once you have your purpose and recipients in mind, you can begin designing your mailing.  This is where you need to keep reminding yourself that “less is more”.  Many people have a tendency to overcrowd their message.  Keep it simple and basic.   Add images that will catch the eye and also convey your primary message.  Make sure you keep both the text and images in line with the message you are trying to convey. As a general rule, use no more than 3 different fonts within your piece.  Fonts are a great way to promote a message- for example, a new daycare would be a perfect use for a font that looks like children’s hand writing.  A luxury auto dealership, not so much.   Images or graphics that bleed off the page can add interest.  Setting text to the side, top or bottom and not just in the center will help draw the eye around the page.  And again- less is more- leave some “white space” so your final product does not look overcrowded.
  • Add a “call to action”.  A coupon, discount code, free gift to the first 100 people through the doors, etc.  Think about what you can offer to increase the effectiveness of your mailing and encourage people to take the necesssary action.
  • Add some “bulk”.  Bulky mail is different, it gets noticed and it gets read (hence a better response rate).  Add a magnet to a postcard, include a small notepad in an envelope, or even do a box mailing with a larger item (like a small flashlight) inside.  This type of mailing is especially effective when you have a very specific and targeted mailing list.

Call or emaill today for help designing your print material.  We have a vast selection of fonts, graphics and images we can use to help you stand out and not have the same stock template look as the next guy!

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Tradeshow and Convention Swag needs for Event Planners

In our last blog we talked about Tradeshow Planning and what exhibitors need to think about to make their booth more attractive to attendees.  Today we are going to address the needs of the show organizers, those that work behind the scenes for months and months to organize locations, vendors, education sessions, market to attendees, oversee early registration or ticket sales, and make sure both the tradeshow exhibitors and the convention attendees expectations are exceeded.
Once the location and dates have been set, it’s time to focus on filling up those booth spaces with exhibitors.  Using a “bulky” direct mail piece draws attention and implores the recipient to open it.  Use the card as either a “save the date” or to give a sense of urgency to reserve their booth space.  You can even add timeline countdown for the show (early registration discount, registration closes, booth set-up days/times, etc). 
direct mail with custom swag
A variety of items are available to make your mailer bulky- contact us for details
Now that the booths are filled, let’s look at the swag you will need to identify both convention vendors and attendees.  The number one choice is lanyards, which come in a large variety of materials and colors, including eco friendly styles.  To make it easy to differentiate between vendors and attendees on the show floor, designate a color for each (i.e. those working exhibitor booths get a blue lanyard with orange imprint and attendees receive an orange lanyard with blue logo).  Another way to quickly distinguish is use name badge holder with a color strip at the bottom or with a pre-printed title bar.
custom lanyard full color imprint
Having tote bags available at the doors to the trade show gives attendees the ability to carry more information from exhibitors and keep their hands free. Choices include plastic, non-woven (grocery totes), canvas, recycled and more.
    100% recycled tote bag
               Die cut handle plastic bags                      100% recycled tote bag
It’s also important that your staff look professional as well as be easily recognizable to answer questions or offer assistance.  Having your staff dress in coordinating apparel is easy with the wide variety of choices available.  Polos cut for men and women in complimentary styles is a popular choice, while blazers, cardigans or woven shirts can give an even more professional look.  Another popular approach is to use custom ties and scarves (A customer was exhibiting at a major industry trade show so they used a few versions of the logo and did different ties for each day of the show).
mens and ladies button up shirt with logo
Now that the attendees have gone home, the exhibitors have packed up and your staff is thoroughly exhausted, think about a thank you gifts for all the vendors.  It could be a food gift to be shared, something related to travel, or a cool tech gift like we wrote about here.  Imprinted with the dates of next year’s show, of course.
custom tin with cookies gift      convention first aid emergency kit
                    Custom printed cookie tin        Convention kit filled with all the necessities
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we will help make your tradeshow and event planning and execution easier.  Call or email us for ideas, quotes or additional information.
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