Healthcare Marketing Ideas

A year ago we had barely heard the rumblings of COVID-19, today it is a topic of conversation on a daily basis. Every sniffle, cough, sneeze and headache sends people into a panic. The Healthcare Industry, from Chiropractors to large hospitals have been affected by people not wanting to make any appointments that are not completely necessary. Finding a way to market is changing for most industries, but for Healthcare in particular, branding yourself has never been easier.

The saying “What was old is new again” could not be more true than when we talk about direct mail. With many people spending more time at home, reaching them through the mail gives you a captive audience. If you make that mail bulky or different, it practically guarantees that your message will be noticed. Postcards with a detachable magnet draw attention with their heavier weight and unique feel. Once received, the magnet is easy to detach and stick on the fridge (or file cabinet in the office) for future reference. A clear envelope (or shrink wrap) containing printed material and a flat object, such as an emery board, coaster or sponge offer an item that will be kept and used, increasing your ROI and brand awareness. There are a multitude of items we can use for direct mail pieces or combine with other items to create a unique piece for your office or facility to make the most of your marketing budget.

Postcard direct mail piece is perfect for announcing a new office opening or a new service.

As more people get vaccinated and our lives return to normal, events such as health fairs, community festivals and live events will resume (I can’t wait!!). Giveaway items that are useful, easy to carry and that pertain to your business give you a better ROI and ensure your message stays around for a long time. Our top suggestions include themed jar openers, good quality lip balm, tissue packs, mint and gum, hand sanitizer & pill boxes. In addition to the items above, for Senior Health Fairs these shoehorn & backscratcher comb and medicine bottle opener are both great ways to target your audience.

This shoehorn / backscratcher is an ideal way to target an older demographic and ensure your message sticks around

Bags for new patients, surgery patients or dental patients can range from paper shopping bags to cloth tote bags. Our most popular for this use is either paper shopper tote style or a plastic die cut handle bag. Fill them up with your office information, after treatment instructions or additional swag and you have perfect patient gift bags.

Whether it is for new patient gift bags or after treatment supplies & instructions, we have the perfect size gift bags in paper or plastic.

Check out the additional items we have put together specifically for medical & dental offices here. Or check out our swag ideas under $3 here for an even broader selection. Don’t have time to search it yourself? That’s not a problem either. We are here to do the research and we can then send you ideas based on your needs and budget, just give us a call or email us to get started.


Promotions With Heart

Everyone loves a theme party, right?  The same thing goes for promotions and marketing.  Tying into a specific theme is a fun and effective way to get your marketing message across and, when done well, can help increase your brand and message recall with clients and prospects.  Themes allow you to be as serious or as playful as you would like with your campaigns – or maybe combine the two to reach an even larger audience.

February is a perfect time to add a different spin to your advertising and tie it to Heart Health Month, Valentine’s Day or a general Love theme.  On site promotions, in store giveaways and direct mail pieces can convey a message of “We Love Our Clients” or “Keep Your Heart Healthy” and any message in between.

Heart Frame magnets are inexpensive swag ideas for on-pack promotions, direct mail or event giveaways.  Double your marketing with an imprint on both the frame and the punch our heart center.  A heart magnet is another choice for a cost effective promotional product. We can also attach the magnet to such items as packs or jars of treats, such as these cat treats.

heart magnet picture frame pf11

Scented Wonder Beads therapy packs tie into the heart theme of February as well as give you the opportunity to “warm up” your clients.  The natural lavender scent will help relax them as the warmth soothes away aches.  For hot and cold therapy packs, check out this gel bead heart.

lavendar scented heat packs

Candy is a classic Valentine’s Promotion ideas and there are a lot of options you can add your logo to.  You can’t go wrong with either the heart shaped chocolate box or  box of chocolate hug & kisses.   Check out other heart candy ideas to fit all budgets or go with the heart shaped mint cards, such as this one:

heart mint card with logo

Even with the vast array of heart shaped swag ideas, you don’t have to go with a heart item, you can still tie in with the theme by using a tagline or graphics on your merch.  A simple “We ❤ Our Customers” never goes out of style.

We can help you keep consistency with your message no matter what promotional items you decide to use!  Just give us a call to get our creative team working for you.  We ❤ Swag.