Back To School PPE & Safety Items

Sadly this fall there won’t be the same air of excitment as students, faculty and staff return to campuses and classrooms across the US. While it is important to maintain as much of a normal feel as possible, it is crucial to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible in the classroom and on campus. We can help you be a one-stop source for much of your school PPE supplies, whether printed with your logo or not.

Youth face masks are available in a variety of styles- leave space in the design for students to write their names.

On an individual basis face mask, face shields and hand sanitizers are items students, faculty and staff may need. For students, especially younger elementary age, desiging masks with a blank area on the front of the mask for the students name will not only help each student keep up with their own mask, but it will assist teachers in identifying students. We have a variety of mask styles available to fit all age groups, such as these adjustable face masks for youth, or these single ply adult face masks available with a full color imprint. Another easy to wear option are these face shields attached to a cap that flip up when not in use. Ask us about youth versions of these as well. Keeping up with a mask all day is going to be a challenge for kids, so these handy mask lanyards can ease that burden for students and teachers. Ask us about breakaway lanyards for children under 12 as well. Wearing a mask all day can be uncomfortable, so these mask buddy elastic ear saver will help both students and teachers. Hand sanitizer for the classroom, hallway or small containers to attach to backpacks or key chains also make excellent welcome back gifts.

Barrier and Sneeze Guards come in a variety of sizes and materials to fit your classroom or office needs.

Social distancing will still need to be observed and we can help with signage for the floor, walls or chairs. These indoor floor signs indicating where to stand to maintain a safe distance come in a set of six, but we can also print individual signs in your school colors or with your school mascot. There are also signs that will work on carpet, outside and on walls. For areas where chairs are permanent, chair covers that indicate not to use particular seats are effective. These work well in communal seating areas, class rooms and labs.

Social Distancing Chair covers come in fabric for indoor use or vinyl for outdoor use. Stock or custom designs available. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Barriers and sneeze guards are available for a variety of needs. Desk top shields are perfect for elementary school classrooms. Leave a blank space in the design or on the front to write the student’s name to ensure they are using the same shield each day. Clear acrylic shields for office staff, cafeteria tables, shared classroom tables or even for lab work, such as these table top sneeze guards. Or these free standing clear barriers that have a slot at the bottom to make it easy for papers to be slid underneath. Place hand sanitizer stations in common areas or inside the classroom door to help promote clean hands and reduce the spread of germs.

For additional PPE and essential item options for the classroom or office, visit our PPE page here.

We put together back to school safety items specifically for the classroom and campus use here.

If there are specific items you need to meet your state guidelines to return to campus or school, to protect students and staff or otherwise help keep everyone safe, please reach out to us and we will help you find solutions. 866-247-4320